A Guide to Who You Should Tip in A Hospital

Sometimes, there is an awkward moment at the end of a purchase or service and you wonder if you should be giving a tip. Here is a guide to understand — some you may know, and some you might have forgotten.


If your home is in a hard to find location, you should probably give a few dollars for package deliveries. Always tip a food delivery driver at least $5 or 15-20% on a larger order. If you have groceries delivered, there is sometimes a delivery fee that is already added to your bill — this often goes to the store and not to the driver, so an additional cash tip is in order. Be sure to give an extra 10-20% to your taxi or Uber driver, based on the quality of the service you received. 

Personal Services

Whether you visit a walk-in barber in the mall or visit a high-end hair salon Euless TX, a 15-20% tip should be given. This standard amount also applies to your massage therapist and your manicurist. However, you don’t need to tip medical staff, such as your nurse or dental hygienist — but be sure to thank them for their services. 


When you sit down and order at a restaurant, just plan that you will be adding a tip to the bill at the end of your meal. Often, the wait staff and other employees are paid less than minimum wage and they usually divide any tips received at the end of their shift. A 15% tip is the minimum but should be higher for exceptional services, such as keeping your beverage glass filled and checking back with you throughout the meal. Fast-food employees don’t traditionally receive tips but at some coffee shops and less formal dining places, you will notice a tip jar. Put in a dollar or two. 

Since many of your purchases are paid with your credit card, tipping is easy. When you travel, carry some extra cash to tip the hotel cleaning staff and anyone that helps carry your bags. When in doubt, be generous!

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