Top Myths About Common Health Issues

Most of the people often do not tend to pay attention towards the common health issues such as frequent cold, headache, rashes etc. They often ignore these for the reason that this issues are common an hence would get well with time. Pollution and dirt makes the life unhealthy in several ways. The increasing amount of pollution brings in dirt to the body and that in turn affects the skin.

Once a person feels that the face or other parts of the body is itchy or has become oily they tend to wash it off with a proper face wash or body wash. Regular bathing also keeps the hygiene maintained. But the hair and scalp is not supposed to be washed every day especially in case of long hair in women and the kids too. There is a hair wash routine and interval that is required to be maintained in order to keep the PH level of the hair and scalp intact.

Shampooing it every day would only result in to dryness that would invite dandruff and dry hair follicles. Also, treating the hair with the right shampoo depending upon the scalp type and texture is equally important. Nourishing the hair on a regular basis can provide one with a nice and lustrous hair. People often ignore the itchiness of the scalp as they think it might be the oil or dirt or may be dandruff. They are right in some cases but if the itchiness does not seem to stop even after the wash one must try the lousy comb to find out if there are lice in the scalp.

The louse tends to stick to the root of the hair with a strong bond. They do not seem to come out easily on the louse comb. Even if one or two does, people often ignores them as they do not know what do lice look like? The color of lice is similar to the color of hair one have. In old people when the entire scalp gets fool of shiny white hair, even the lice are of white color.

Hence, it gets difficult to identify them. If there are lice in head, the eggs come free with them. Hence, combing with the louse comb often brings out the eggs in huge numbers but as they just look like dandruff, people ignore them too. Ignoring lice does not solve the problem rather increases it to a huge extent. A louse tends to reproduce at a very fast speed and hence they increase in number. They do not leave a scalp unless the proper treatment is taken.

There are various natural ways of treating the lice that are used by the professionals at the lice removal clinics. They use tested products that shows effective result on a lousy head from the very first sitting of the treatment. The first appointment usually consists of a check- up that check the scalp, its texture, the infestation and other allergies if any due to the lice.

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