Top 3 Options to Lift Sagging Breasts

Something that many women fear is losing their youthful silhouette. Sagging breasts can become a reality for women for a number of reasons. Breasts will start to droop when the skin and connective breast tissue start to lose integrity. This can happen as a result of the natural aging process, extreme weight loss, and also as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This can lead to excess skin and the loss of perkiness that women fear seeing in the mirror. If your breasts are no longer where they used to be, there is no magical cream or targeted workout that can help to restore breasts to their youthful positioning. Surgical treatments are the only method of restoring breast perkiness long-term.

Breast lift procedure

This procedure is the best option for women who have not lost breast volume but simply want to address the sagging that is the result of aging, pregnancy or weight loss. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is the surgical procedure where the breast is given a new shape. This is accomplished with the removal of any excess skin and the tightening of the tissue in order to get better support.

There are a number of techniques used for a breast lift. The one that is used will depend largely on the severity of the sagging that needs to be addressed. Before and after photos, such as the ones found on  can help to give you more ideas as to the results that you may expect to see.

Breast lift with implants

This procedure is best considered for women who have lost a lot of tissue volume, whether as a result of weight loss, surgical procedures or ageing. This procedure offers volume and that perkiness that patients are looking for. The breast tissue is lifted, and the implants are inserted in place.

The implants are typically silicone or saline options. They can be inserted above or below the muscle. Implants can be offered in a number of shapes and sizes. Women who have lived with smaller breasts for many years may be tempted to go up several cup sizes.

Working with your plastic surgeon will help you to determine which sizing options can best help you to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Breast fat transfer

This breast surgery is the better option for women who have mild to moderate loss of volume, as the result of aging, weight loss, surgical procedures or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The results are typically much subtler than over the results seen from other types of breast lift surgery. The breast fat transfer procedure adds volume to the upper area of the breast. It will create a slight lift, but to get the optimal perkiness results a full lift is often the better solution.

Whether you are looking to increase your cup size or simple get a more youthful look back, you’ll find that your surgeon can be a fountain of knowledge to help you to make the right decisions for your body shape and for your overall needs.


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