Home Care is So Important

When you or a loved one can no longer take care of himself or herself but wants to stay independent and comfortable at home while preserving their dignity, the answer is a home care agency Greenwich CT area.

Whether a live-in helper is needed because of serious and special situations such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s care, or just one on a temporary basis because of recuperation from surgery or an accident, the agency can provide exactly the staff what will prove to be helpful and compassionate as a caregiver.

Covered specialized care services also include aid for those with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, brain injuries, cancer, bladder and kidney diseases, confinement to a wheelchair, needing help with food intake, help with bathing and dressing, and other chores.

It means so much to have someone in the home who can provide personal care and assistance, safety supervision, careful monitoring of the client’s condition and working with the physician and enlightening family members, light housekeeping to keep the living quarters neat and clean, preparation of nutritious and well-balanced meals, any necessary transportation to medical appointments or the grocery store and other errands, along with companionship to make the person feel better.

The agency will go out of its way to provide the right fit and customized approach by appropriate caregivers for each particular client after the potential reliable and professional caregivers have had a thorough screening process, background and reference checks, are bonded and insured, complete ongoing recertification of their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), have a history of providing exceptional and extensive care to others who were elderly or disabled, and who are readily available for the needed time frame.

Home Care Connectors, an exceptional home care agency Greenwich CT based, would be happy to answer any of your questions about home care and start the process with a one-on-one consultation with a Director to create a specific and tailored care plan integrating technology with a personal touch to create that plan for those entrusted to their care. You will learn how home care will relieve you of the stress and anxiety of not knowing who can be depended upon to give you or your family member a happy and healthy life and familiar routines in a supportive and comfortable environment right at home.


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