Strong Ingredients Have Been the Foundation of Herbalife’s Products

How Does Herbalife Nutrition Make Its Products? It Starts with Quality  Ingredients

Millions of people around the world regularly enjoy Herbalife products, and they appreciate the fact that the ingredients are high-quality and sourced from reliable suppliers. Herbalife has a goal of changing the lives of those who use their nutrition products, and the company works tirelessly to innovate within its field.

The Herbalife Team Emphasizes the Important Role Played by Plant-Based Diets

For many people across the world, the topic of food scarcity is one that they must face daily. Current estimates show that a seventy percent increase in global food production by 2050 will be required to successfully feed the world’s population.

With this point in mind, the team at Herbalife has pointed out that plant-based proteins represent a strong alternative that can help meet these food demands. The simple reality is that raising animals for protein is currently contributing significantly to climate change due to the generation of large amounts of greenhouse gasses.

This is one of the most convincing reasons plant-based proteins need to be seen as a viable alternative for the future. There are also some real health benefits associated with consuming plant-based proteins. These proteins are both low in saturated fats, and they are also free of cholesterol.

Soy-based proteins are at the forefront of this discussion as they offer many key benefits, including helping people to live healthier as well as the environment. These benefits include using less water, being sustainable, more efficient land-use, and access to plant-based proteins that provide some real health benefits. All of these factors lead to a reduced carbon footprint and a healthier population.

Herbalife Is Helping People to Personalize their Nutrition Through the Use of Plant Proteins

As a part of their effort to promote the benefits of plant protein as a viable dietary alternative, the team at Herbalife Nutrition has recently provided a list of some excellent options for those looking to personalize their nutrition.

The company has noted the benefits of Herbalife ingredients, such as the proteins derived from soy, rice, quinoa, flax seeds, and pea. Soy is considered the complete protein and is used in many of their products, including their signature Formula 1 meal replacement shake.

Though most people associated rice with being carbohydrate-rich, it also contains a good deal of protein. Quinoa is notable for being higher in protein than many other grains, and peas are notable for being rich in amino acids.

These points illustrate why these are considered to be plant-based proteins that can be difference-makers for people looking to personalize their nutrition while focusing on a plant-based diet.

A Major Award for the Herbalife Team

The team at Herbalife Nutrition was recently the recipient of a major award in Spain. The company’s popular vegan nutrition shake, known as Tri Blend Select, was named product of the year. This distinction was due to the innovative nature of the product, and the decision was based on a survey that consisted of 10 thousand consumers who had tried the product.

Tri Blend Select is one-hundred percent vegan and uses ingredients such as flax seeds, peas, and quinoa to provide quality, plant-based proteins. The award is a testament to the company’s dedication to helping its customers to live better lives. It is another clear sign of why the track record for Herbalife is such a strong one.

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