A Little about Crown Lengthening Procedure

The dental spa in New York offers a crown lengthening procedure where the exposed portion of the tooth that is visible below the gums is treated to expose more of the enamel. The gums are pulled back and more of the underlying bone is exposed. The procedure is carried out in different stages.

Cosmetic correction of gummy smile – This is the first stage in crown lengthening procedure where the gums cover a third of the crown portion of the teeth and make the teeth look shorter. This is known as the creation of a gummy smile. To enhance aesthetics the crown portion is increased by pushing up the gums. Besides improving the looks the removal of gum tissue will also prevent periodontal diseases.

The other advantages of Crown lengthening procedure

Cosmetic correction of gummy smile is necessary if a patient has dental decay below the gumline. Such teeth are difficult to treat. Crown lengthening procedure is required to remove the decayed part and fill the cavity. If a tooth is fractured below the gumline and the fracture is deep below the gums then crown lengthening will help to locate the fracture and help with the treatment.

To undergo crown lengthening procedure a dentist will have a thorough check-up to know the actual condition of teeth and gums. Then he will let you know if crown treatment is suitable for you.

The execution of Crown lengthening procedure

The dentist will give local anesthesia or sedation if you opt for it. Then he will start with the procedure. The area that is to be treated is marked roughly and the gum tissue is peeled off slightly from these teeth. This shows the underlying bone which is attached to the crown. The underlying bone is reshaped in such a way that the teeth appear longer and asymmetrical when the gums are placed back on the teeth.

If there is decay in the tooth the gum is removed to expose the tooth decay. After the bone is reshaped the tissue of the gum is altered a bit to help it to adapt to the new position. Stitches are placed on the gums to heal around the teeth in the new position. Full healing will take two or three weeks.

Follow-up of crown lengthening procedure

After the procedure is complete and you are given stitches for the gums to heal well around your teeth the staff at the spa will instruct you on the follow-up so that the gums heal fast and you can go back to normal life. The healing process will take two to three weeks and the staff will also tell you about the diet so that the healing process goes uninterrupted.


If you want to undergo any cosmetic procedures book an appointment and visit the spa for a check-up and fixing of the procedure.



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