Drug and Alcohol Treatment- Rehab Center in Thailand

Rehab in Thailand is perfect for those looking to accomplish sobriety and to fight addiction. Thailand is possibly the best place in the world to acquire health care and the most famous medical tourism nation in Southeast Asia. Thus, it is simple to see why Thailand is regarded as a special and top quality medical care hotspot at highly reasonable rates. Several medicinal processes cost as less as 40 to 60% in comparison to the procedure costs in America and Europe.

Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang mai provide high quality medical services. But, in the past few years Thailand also gained a great repute for offering best rated rehab centers for recovering alcohol and drug addiction. The rise in fame of drug rehabs in Thailand may be because several celebs spent their time here Chonburi and Chiang Mai province. The rehab centers in Thailand range from luxury residential centers in rehab resorts to Buddhist drug rehab centers with monks in a monastery.

Luxurious Thai Rehab Centers

The drug and alcohol treatment centers in Thailand are set as per international standards to offer top notch accommodation to the patients in exotic surroundings. These rehabs are pretty much like luxurious 5-star resorts with great comfort. However, there is one exception and that is, you won’t get a mini bar here. You don’t have any access to drugs and alcohol and the treatment is at par.

Regardless of the high comfort and panache offered at high-end Thai rehabs, they are relatively cheaper in comparison to those in the West. They offer better facilities and highly supportive staff for every patient. The treatment program and approach are well-recognised by some of the best rehabs of the world. The success rate is very high and best aftercare programs are offered with distant support, sober living facilities and best inpatient treatment options.

Low cost rehab centers of Thailand

If you are on a limited budget, then you can opt for basic resort style treatment centers which are available at highly reasonable rates. The quality of these cheap Thai rehabs is decent and addition recovery is at par. You get normal level of care and the program and approach are not as high as luxurious resorts but supportive.

Why should you select Thailand for addiction recovery?

There are several reasons why you may want to opt for a recovery center at Thai. They offer an interesting and unique experience to patients with their diverse and rich culture. The rehab center called “watthamkrabok” [วัด ถ้ำ กระ บอก, which is the term in Thai] has acquired worldwide attention for its drug rehab programs. Their detox program comprises of Buddhist meditation, use of herbal supplements for relaxation and consumption of secret detox syrup for instant recovery. It is a unique institute run only by Buddhist monks and nun and there is none other than this you will come across in Thailand or the whole of the world.

So, if you are looking for serious help for your addiction, then choose WatThamKrabok for your recovery and get healed from the inside.


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