How to Lose the Fat on my Hands

If you are overweight it is very likely that you have loose hands. It is very annoying to see your hands look like that. But it is time to make some changes. That change can begin today. You can do it; you can make yourself look good and feel good again. Salvosa BJJ is a place where you can go for a fitness workout or martial arts training.

It is not new that a lot of women have problems with extra weight and the part that is the most problematic is their hands. All of this can be solved simply by following a program that involves performing exercises for the upper part of the body. First of all, start a diet immediately and try to eat fewer calories than you burn. Include more fruit and veggies, avoid greasy, fatty and processed foods. There is no strict diet, simply try to eat healthier and reduce the intake of calories.


Once you start with the diet you can start with some simple exercises about your upper body first. Then, as you exercise, you can increase the time of exercising and incorporate more complicated exercises for the upper body. The diet in a combination with exercises will give you amazing results. You will notice that the body will start to change and you will feel better on the inside too. In two weeks, you should notice results. But that is not enough. Continue working out until you are finally satisfied with the results. Do not give up.

Here is what an exercise should look like:

Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor. Hold a weight in your left hand and lift it from the ground. Do that 15 times and then change the hands. There are so many different versions of this exercise that you perform at your home. Feel free to experiment with the exercises and create your own exercises.

It is recommended to work out for more than two months in order to make a big significant change.

But women are not the only ones facing this problem. Men have loose hands too. If you are not capable of working out at home, you can always go to the gym and work out for a few hours. But be careful not to force yourself from the beginning because you might end up hurting yourself. It is important to stretch and warm the body up before you start. If you are experiencing some kind of pain in your arms or hands, stop immediately with the work out and visit your doctor for a consultation. If they recommend you to continue exercising, do it immediately. You can sit or stand while performing exercises for the upper part of the body.

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