How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

Perhaps you have heard that a normal human being is supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day. How many of you out there do meet this requirement? A few, I bet. A large percentage of the world’s population does not drink enough water as required. Most of us only drink water when we are so dehydrated that our body is demanding water.

Most people think that drinking water is just for keeping them from thirst, but that is not true. Drinking adequate water daily has several benefits. They include assisting with digestion, enhancing your complexion, and also assisting with metabolism. You can also lose weight if your daily water intake is enough. So what is the daily water intake that is considered enough?

In this article, we will give you recommendations on how much water you should drink per day for weight loss and strategies to improve your intake.

How much water should you be drinking daily?

Health and fitness experts do recommend 2.7 litres per day for adults. However, aiming for a higher quantity of around 2.9 litres per day yields even better results. Hydrating the body adequately is a challenge for many people. If you aim at drinking 2 litres per day, you might end up drinking 1.5. Setting the target relatively higher helps you hit the recommended daily intake. Consequently, you enhance your metabolism, thus losing weight.

There are additional factors like body weight which also determines the amount of water your body requires daily. Fitness experts recommend you drink half of your weight in ounces. For instance, if you weigh 84 kilograms, you should drink 2.8 litres a day. You can use steroids from sites like to help lose weight, but an adequate water intake can help hasten the process.

What is the optimum daily water intake for somebody aiming to burn more calories?

Your metabolism will not function well if you are not properly hydrated. The human body is 60% water and essential organs like the brain and heart require even more water. If you are dehydrated, these essential organs will be subjected to strain, thus using almost all of your energy and increasing irritability. Someone might mistake the signals coming from dehydration as hunger and eat food instead of drinking water. If you want to burn more calories, eat less while adequately hydrating your body.

Your daily activities determine the amount of water lost in a day. If you are on a weight loss regimen, you can end up losing up to 3.7 litres of water in a day. You are required to drink 3.8 litres in a day to cater for this water loss. As the body expends energy to bring the cold water’s temperature up body temperature, you burn more calories.

What are the tips to help you increase the daily intake?

Drinking more water daily than you usually do is difficult. It is like beginning a completely new habit, meaning you might as well not adhere to it. You can use your phone to set an alarm at times when you are supposed to drink water. These days, there are mobile applications that remind you to drink water. You can also get a 1 litre water bottle that you will have to refill three times a day.

Understanding the benefits of adequate daily water intake is crucial. This will not only help you learn the exact quantity of water your body requires in a day but also gives you the motivation to hit the target.

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