Effective Hair Fall Prevention Tips For Females

In women, hair is considered an essential part of their personality which beautifies their looks. Every female wishes to have long, thick, voluminous hair that is soft like a feather. However, there are a lot of factors that lead to hair problems, hair fall being the most common one. Some of the primary causes of hair fall in females are pregnancy, a low-quality diet, genetic issues, etc. Also, using products containing harmful chemicals is another major contributor to hair fall issues. Ayurvedic products such as Indulekha Bringha shampoo is a good replacement for you.

Control Hair Fall With These Tips

  • Hair Oiling: Massaging your scalp with good quality hair oil is an amazing way to control hair fall. There are plenty of options, such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc.
  • DIY Natural Hair Masks: Homemade natural hair masks are the best chemical-free way to provide your hair with the required amounts of nutrients and nourishment. Onion juice, fenugreek seeds, and hair mask are some of the effective methods for treating hair fall.
  • Shampoo: The shampoo you use for cleansing your hair must contain ingredients that help control hair fall. Indulekha shampoo is among the best hair cleansers with an Ayurvedic formulation that keeps hair fall at bay.
  • Be Gentle: When your hair is wet, they are in the most vulnerable condition. Hence, you must be gentle while combing or drying them. The best way to dry your hair is by wrapping them in a towel.
  • Hair Spa: You can try treating your hair with a hair spa at home, which is excellent for managing the scalp’s health and treating hair fall.
  • Styling Products: The styling products are full of chemicals which makes them bad for your hair’s health. Colours, gels, hair sprays, and all these products make your hair dry, damaged and pose harm to your scalp’s health.

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