3 Top Online Yoga Classes That You Should Try On Glo

You have already made your subscription for Glo, and you are excited to start your online yoga classes – if you haven’t, you should. After a few minutes of going through the massive catalog of content, it can be quite challenging to know where to start. As a professional yoga teacher, experience and expertise proved that you should start with exercises on gaining muscle strength and tone.

Exercises on gaining muscle strength and tone are good for establishing a strong foundation to allow you to tackle the other yoga courses as you advance efficiently. If you haven’t been exercising for a while, such exercises will help your body adjust to your new lifestyle.

Here are top yoga classes for gaining muscle strength and tone that you should try on Glo:

1. Core Confidence: Yoga conditioning by Marc Holzman

This is a yoga class that will help you learn how to derive real confidence from your core. The exercise routines in this course involve quick and intense practice that lasts about 10 minutes. Apart from your mat, you will need a block to undertake this exercise routine.

In this course, there are three classes that you will take for a week. The first class will involve yoga practices that are designed to condition your interior abdominal muscles. The second class consists of doing exercises for the conditioning of the side panel. Posterior core conditioning exercises will be taught in the third class.

2. Quick Fix: Mat pilates by Anita Maiberg

Quick Fix is an online yoga class program that is designed to not only help you stretch but also gain some strength. This program is more favorable for you if you have a tight work schedule and find it hard to do lengthy exercises. Doing a 15-minute routine will boost your energy and also relieve you of stress.

This course takes a week to complete and has three classes. In the first class, you will do the basic “No time? – No problem,” exercises. The express stretch exercises which are vital in conditioning and strengthening the shoulders and hips is what you will do in the second class. The third class will be about power break to help you stretch and strengthen. Keep in mind that you will need a blanket for this course.

3. Lift Your Practice: Yoga with resistance by Amy Ippoliti

The yoga with resistance course on Glo is based upon you taking the resistance you experience in your daily life and using it to make yourself stronger. The program walks on a fine line between yoga flow and resistance work to improve your efficiency and also your physical strength.

This course takes two weeks and has a total of 6 classes with each lasting 30 minutes. You need to have a resistance band and some weights to take this course. In the first online yoga class of the first week, you will do limbs and core exercises. In the next lesson, you will do the backside prowess for upper back and shoulder strengthening. The total power and strength class will be on the third day of the first week.

In the second week of yoga with resistance classes, you will do buff shoulders and core exercises. Butt and guts exercises will be on the second day while Shakti tone will be on the third day.

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Glo is one of the leading platforms in the world that provides online yoga classes. In addition to yoga, this platform also provides meditation classes as part of its vision and mission. Having a world where everybody has unlocked their true potential is the vision of the company. On the other hand, Glo’s mission is to have intelligent tools that will inspire people to explore a fulfilling life.

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