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Physiotherapy in Perth is a treatment of a disease, deformity or an injury by some sort of physical methods like massage, exercise or any heat related treatment. It is mainly conducted to avoid drugs or a surgery. It is a type of health care treatment which focuses on improving the mobility, function or quality of the patient’s life having a musculoskeletal injury or an ailment.

If you are considering which type of physiotherapy you want to study, it is best to look at different types of physiotherapy treatments available. Each type of physiotherapy has its benefits and challenges. Physiotherapy in Perth can provide various types of physiotherapy treatments which you can choose from:

  • Orthopaedic: It is one of the most common type of physiotherapy required. An orthopaedic therapy involves a wide range of tissues connected with the muscles and bones of the body. Athletes have a higher requirement of such physiotherapy due to their regular sports activities. Also, when a patient is recovering from an accident connected with musculoskeletal injuries and for arthritis patients, this type of physiotherapy is helpful.
  • Neurologic: If someone has undergone a stroke or a head injury and their neural cells have been affected, it may restrict their body movements. In such a case, Perth-based physiotherapy can come to help. It can assist the patients to regain mobility in the areas of their body which have got compromised. Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neuron patients are also referred commonly for neurological therapy.
  • Geriatric: This type of physiotherapy is provided for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or cancer. This treatment is provided usually in their homes, helping them to regain their mobility and make them comfortable to perform day to day activities with ease.
  • Cardiovascular: Usually victims who have undergone any heart surgery or heart attack fall under this category of cardiovascular physiotherapy. This type of physiotherapy helps patients recover well from these heart conditions.

Sometimes, even a patient having a lung condition may be provided a similar physiotherapy as it will help in increasing the endurance and freedom of movement for such patients.

  • Paediatric: This type of physiotherapy relates to infants or children and sometimes teenage kids who have any type of complication related to neurological or muscular development. Many times, these conditions may be from the time of birth.

Physiotherapy in Perth has many options that you can choose from. Whichever one you decide, you must know that it is an area that requires a lot of dedication and passion. You must want to learn this discipline and practice it daily. Your patients will recover if they have a good therapist. Hence, you have a great responsibility in your hands for their future. So, make your decision with care and interest.

A Little about SportsMed Subiaco:

SportsMed Subiaco was established in Perth, Western Australian in 1998 with the vision of becoming the State’s premier health care and physiotherapy facility. As the premier Sports Medicine facility in Western Australia, all SportsMed Subiaco practitioners actively pursue and continually develop, improve and broaden their clinical knowledge and therapeutic skills. SportsMed Subiaco offers sports medicine, physiotherapy, clinical pilates, sports massage therapy, hydrotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, baby swim and pregnancy massage.  To know more, visit or Call (08) 9382 9600. Office Location: St John of God Subiaco Clinic, Suite 101, 175 Cambridge St, Subiaco, Perth WA – 6008

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