Telmisartan – Is It A Remedy For Steroid Users?

If you are a new fitness enthusiast, you are probably confused about the use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs. You can put the blame on the media to a large extent, because the press is hell bent on banning anabolic steroids. So, are anabolic steroids safe? What is Telmisartan? Is it a remedy for steroid users? In this post, we will talk about these things in detail.

Are steroids safe?

Well, steroids do have a few side effects, especially if you rely on rampant use of these substances. Long term and unchecked use can have a detrimental effect on your body, and some of these side effects are really serious. However, most of the reported cases about the bad effects of steroids are related to abuse. Bodybuilders, especially new ones with limited knowledge, often use steroids without proper education and precaution, and as a result, they bear the consequences, which are otherwise completely avoidable. Most reports also talk about cardiovascular risk, but people are often prone to heart disease, and steroids are just one of the many factors that may enhance that risk. In short, if you are using steroids responsibly, you can get away with the serious consequences.

What is Telmisartan?

Telmisartan is a drug that’s used to treat hypertension. However, it is also considered to be a performance enhancing drug, which minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease, besides improving muscle strength and durability at the same time. Only a few steroid users know about the benefits of Telmisartan, which is why it is yet not popular in the bodybuilding community. As with any drug, you need to know the pros and cons of using Telmisartan before starting. There are many websites like, where you will find plenty of information about the use of steroids and drugs like Telmisartan. If you still have confusions, you can always talk to your trainer or fitness expert to know more about the drug. Telmisartan is still not popular as expected, but it will gain mass acceptance in days to come.

Steroids are not always bad per se, but you need to be responsible about using these substances. Education is the best way to go about it. Read as much as you can from the right sources and talk to fitness experts and fellow bodybuilders to know more. It’s critical to have right information, which is based on facts and not hearsay!

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