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There is a debate over whether bodybuilding is a sport or not. I know the opinion of some of the parties, but, honestly, I have not delved into the debate, but I do stay with the opinion that Julio Portet transmitted to me: he considers it a way of life much more than a sport. Well, I have been taking pictures of bodybuilding and oxymetholone.

This way of life seems to be experiencing a boom, like many of the physical activities (such as running ), but in general, the fact is that the physical exercise systems they use, combined with the strict diet they usually follow, have very visible effects. about the bodies of those who follow this line of work. Now, it is not miraculous: it requires time, dedication and sacrifices, but it offers, if done correctly, almost incontestable results, both for men and women.

I’m a little absent from my own blog. The reason is that lately I am taking many photos in this line. Of course, there are things that are a bit different than when you take pictures of musicians or models, but it is an interesting world. Not only for the purely sporting or entertainment issue, but because it is relatively easy to get to very emotional photos: they are people who dedicate a terrible effort, including discipline and personal life, and when getting on and off the stage they probably do it with much more passion than in other sports, such as soccer, tennis, or basketball, where competition happens more often. In the bodybuilding world, which is not usually considered as a sport, although it does include intense physical activity, it usually participates in few championships a year (even attending regional championships,

Specifically, I have had a lot of relationship with Julio Portet and his competition team, but they are not the only ones, so here are some photos of them and others from addition the championships. Some training, and others in their daily life. I hope that you are interested, as a professional photographer, I have been surprised by their way of facing this way of life: they eat many times a day, very often repeating rice-chicken schemes, and in the case of bodybuilders, to win Muscle mass has to reduce cardiovascular work a lot, so that, despite what it seems, they don’t spend hours and hours in the gym, and they never run. And they try to walk little.

In fact, especially in women, in which the muscle does not grow at unexpected speeds or anything like that. It costs a special and specific effort to significantly increase the musculature in women (and aesthetically few people find a feminine physique with a lot of muscle more attractive). When a woman appears with huge biceps, or huge numbers, no one doubts that she has been working for years because she wants to be like that. They do not arise after three quarters of an hour of training. In reality, this cult of the body consumes an enormous amount of time in the kitchen: many meals are made a day, and although on many occasions it is white rice or oxymetholone, and chicken, which are usually little elaborated, all the preparation ends taking more hours than the gym itself.


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