How Psychotherapist Will Help Reduce Your Anxiety?

Awareness of anxiety is never a bad thing as it encourages people to seek solutions in different therapies to overcome anxiety disorders. This article will help you to how psychotherapists will help you reduce your anxiety in addition to the host of benefits for self-development they offer.

  •    Helps You Become Socially Active

The most common symptom of people dealing with anxiety is social inactivity. The release of adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones in stressful situations is quite normal, but the problem begins when the stress response kicks in even harmless situations. This is a common experience for those who deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other anxiety or anxiety-adjacent mental conditions. A single session with an expert psychotherapist produces endorphins or happy hormones which restore the balance of chemicals in our body.

  •    Helps To Enhance Your Personality

Anxiety often changes your very personality. For instance, an outgoing person might turn introvert with time due to anxiety. In addition to the happy hormones, psychotherapists also encourage you to take up exercises and activities that you used to enjoy doing. This releases growth hormones in our body such as luteinizing, thyroxin, etc. in addition to increasing insulin sensitivity of the body.   

  •    Helps You Understand Your Behavioural Patterns

Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT examines and addresses the most basic cause for anxiety- cognitions and behavioural patterns provide an insight into our thoughts about the world. Psychotherapists analyse how our negative thoughts and reactions contribute to or trigger anxiety.  The entire therapy comprises recognizing them and replacing the negative with a realistic and optimistic view of the world. Learning to cope with your feelings and confronting your fears quite rewarding.

  •    Helps You Overcome Your Fears and Doubts

While recognizing your fears and confronting them on your own might not sound like a good idea to some. Exposure therapy is a step-by-step approach to challenging the fears. Systematic desensitization builds confidence and allows you to master your own set of special skills for controlling the panic factor. Learning relaxation skills is an important part of the exposure therapy in addition to creating a personalized list of scary situations which you will work through one at a time.

Psychotherapists actually help you learn healthier and more effective ways to cope with our anxiety disorder on our own. Seeking support for coping with anxiety is the first step to getting back to your own self after all.

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