Being overweight does more harm than we think of?

Food, water, and shelter are the basic requirements for survival. We can even live without shelter but definitely not without water and food. The evolution of consumerism brought in a lot of changes in how we eat and drink. Water was slowly replaced by beer and health drinks. People wanted to a lot more stuff. Drinks were only used during functions and get-togethers. It was a social drink which promoted fun and anonymity among people. But now drinking has become a national problem. A lot of people drink and do a lot of crimes. Leave the crime rates aside but what is really happening to our society. We eat, drink and be on our phones all the time. We have stopped mingling with people. Technology has become our best friend. We no longer go and play out. A sport is brought to your home through Xboxes and PlayStations.

Being overweight is becoming epidemic and we all are falling a prey to it. It is very difficult for us to stay away from those things which we got used. For example, Friday night party has become a common thing. That one we consume calories which we should have consumed for over days. We are not saying that drinking and eating too much makes you overweight but there are lot adding to this, There is no physical activity. We are stressed at our work that we want to eat, drink and smoke to get out of the stress. The sleeping patterns have changed a lot. No one sleeps at 10 and gets up at 6. We have started to skip our breakfasts. During a visit of mine to one of the best fertility clinic in Pune, I met a couple who was working at IT. Both of them had the handful of experience. They are in their late 30s and yet to no child. They are now at this IVF clinic to plan a future.

While talking to this couple I understood a lot of things which was no surprise. Long hours of working, high amount of work stress, fear of losing out, unhealthy lifestyle all have to lead to the place where they are today. IVF treatments have been significantly successful in providing us with the needed result at the right time. Always get the best IVF treatment in Chennai or any other city you belong to This will no only give you the much-needed confidence but also the needed gift in life which is the child itself.


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