How To Reduce Eye Strain With Prescription Glasses

As the computer has become a part and parcel of our work culture, straining eye, dry eye syndrome has become a part of our eye care concern. How to reduce eye strain has become a  global question because eye vision is our greatest asset and more we take care of our eye and vision, prolonged will be our eye’ health and well-being.

Common eye problems are dry eye issue, watery issue, photosensitivity, blurred vision, discomfort in eyes, etc. However, the best part is regular care and some precautionary habits can reduce these eye discomforts. Let’s check how!!!

Offer Rest For Your Eyes

As over work makes your brain tired, over work makes your eyes tired too. Take 10-15 minutes break after 2-hour constant work. It will soothe your eyes. If possible use some soft drop or hydrating eye drop so that lubrication of your eye remains healthy.

Use Adequate Light

Use adequate light in your workstation so that your eyes are never stressed. Use curtain in the windows so that extra brightness does not create blurry eyes. Instead of sitting in front of fluorescent lamps, use floor lamps to maintain the right level of luminosity.

Reduce Glare

One of the best ways of reducing eye strain is using antiglare glass for specs. It helps in controlling unwanted glare that causes eye strain and fatigue for eyes. Use of prescription glasses like Oakley glasses with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating can prevent eye strain excellently.


Practice Eye Exercise And Use Eye Drop

You can practice some eye exercises to keep eye muscles healthy and tight. Besides you can ask your eye specialist to prescribe you an eye drop to maintain adequate hydration level of your eyeball. A regular visit to your eye specialist’s chamber will help you to take care of your dry eye problem with the better result.

Take Care Of Your Diet

Add green leafy vegetables, carrot, low-fat dairy products, pumpkin, etc. in your diet. Vitamin A enriched food will help you to keep your eye health strong and robust.

Adjust Your Workstation:

Add some positive modification in your workstation. For example,

  • Instead of old CRT monitor, use LCD monitors,
  • You need to adjust monitor’s resolution,
  • The Main correct height of the chair in accordance with the table for laptop.

These are some of the ways you can reduce eye strain. Use of prescription glass, built with the right treatment and quality material can help you to take off your eye for balanced vision and lasting eye power.

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