Gastric Plication: Pros and cons

The surging adult weight problems rate has led towards the flourishing interest in bariatric (weight reduction) surgical procedures all over the world. People looking for significant weight reduction are actually progressively choosing to lose weight surgery methods to tackle how much they weigh issues.

Today you will find several kinds of bariatric surgical procedures that advertise to considerably lessen the Body mass index of persistantly obese patients.

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The different sorts of bariatric surgical procedures range from the Gastric Bypass, the Lap-Band surgery, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Vertical Banded Gastroplasty and more recent methods known as Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Plication.

These surgical treatments are carried out around the stomach and/or digestive tract to change the standard digestive process which help obese patients slim down.

What’s Gastric Plication?

Gastric Plication might be the most popular and safe option in wls segment to eliminate excess bodyweight surgically. Also called gastric imbrications, laparoscopic greater curvature placation or stomach folding, it’s a limited bariatric surgical technique where a surgeon reduces stomach volume by folding the grater curvature from the stomach inwardly, lowering the stomach volume by 70%.

With the development of new techniques, technologies and pioneering surgeons, gastric plication is rapidly being a hit among obese patients who’ve unsuccessful to slim down through traditional way of weight reduction.

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While using laparoscopic technique, choices first makes 5 or 6 small incisions within the abdomen after which card inserts a camcorder (laparoscope) and lengthy instruments with these small incisions to stitch a number of large folds inside your stomach.

Following a surgery the stomach takes type of a ‘sleeve’ or ‘long, thin tube’, much like a gastric sleeve surgery, but unlike the gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach cutting, stapling or elimination of the stomach isn’t needed in gastric plication.

Also charged as less invasive procedure, the surgery does not even involve re-routing intestine or implanting foreign products and takes roughly one or two hrs to accomplish.

The gastric plication is potentially reversible and could be transformed into another procedure if needed.

Although gastric placation surgical treatment is considered effective and safe in creating substantial weight reduction in obese patients, it’s still vital the prospective patient is carefully examined to make sure viability for that bariatric surgery.


The surgical treatment is frequently carried out laparoscopically, meaning more compact surgical cuts, shorter time to recover, and reduced possibility of risks and complications.

It’s totally reversible. Sutures accustomed to fold the stomach can be taken off if required, and also the original stomach capacity could be restored.

Following a surgery, the stomach’s diet absorbing capacity remains intact.

The surgery does not result in a decreased or limited absorption of nutrition through the small intestine.

Gastric plication doesn’t need elimination of stomach, intestinal rerouting or implantation associated with a foreign device-no staples, no bands, no fills, no changes.

No lack of stomach tissue following a surgery.

Patients can get to get rid of between 40% -70% of the excess fat within the newbie after surgery.

The surgery may improve or resolve several weight problems-related comorbidities, including hypertension and diabetes.


Just like any laparoscopic procedure, you will find always perils of infection, injuries to surrounding organs and bleeding.

Although rare but there’s chance of a leak in the suture line accustomed to fold the stomach.

This type of bariatric surgery has not yet been authorized by the Fda (Food and drug administration).

Because the gastric plication is comparatively new and it is still in the investigational studies, insurance providers will not pay for the expense of the procedure, therefore people are needed to self-finance for that surgery.

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