Steroids & the Young Men


Among the young generation especially boys & the men, the fitness plays a great role. They want themselves to be physically active & very energetic. For this purpose, they undergo the exercise that keeps them energetic & looks physically strong. Along with the exercise, steroids also have a great impact on the lives of the young generation. Steroids let them increase their muscles as well as the strength. This gain makes them confident & thus they feel happy.

Using the legal steroids, nobody cares that there are some bad aspects of the steroids too. The bad sides or the dark aspects of the steroids are so serious that they can be lethal to the health. Among the young generation, the usage of the steroids becomes the overuse leading towards the abuse. The abusing of the steroids causes the serious problems.

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Relation of the Steroids with the Young Men

In 1993, according to the survey by the National School Survey on Drugs & the Sports it has been reported that that many young people are indulged in the abusing or overusing of the steroids. This study was conducted among the young generation of the Canada & the study revealed that more than the 83, 000 of the young men who are Canadian are seriously involved in the usage of the steroids. The study concluded that the age of 11 to 18 of the young generation has this ratio only. According to the survey, there are the other points that were revealed regarding the usage of the steroids & these points about the users are as follows:

  • The male at the age of 14 or later were involved
  • The young generation is more likely to be involved in the physical activities like exercise & the training programs
  • They believe that steroids give them a better look along with the strength
  • Their opinion is that the usage of the steroids is okay at a time, for the later results they do not care
  • Keep a company of such people who uses the anabolic steroids
  • They always seek for the information regarding the steroids

Comments of the Young Generation about the Steroids

Following are the comments of the young ones regarding the steroids. These are as follows:

  • They wanted to be look smart under the shirt
  • They wanted the heads of the people towards them on the beach
  • They want the ripped body
  • Side effects were not reported

Why Young Ones are turning towards the Steroids?

Usually it is the dream of the men to have a powerful influenced body & in order to enhance this factor, they usually use the steroids & thus the trend among the young ones goes on increasing. Beyond the knowing about the side effects of the steroids, they really want the steroids for their bodies to look beautiful.

Why Young Ones Uses the Steroids?

Following are the reasons:

  • In order to gain the weight (see Super PhenQ)
  • Training programs
  • To gain the healthy weight
  • Strong body
  • Bigger muscles

As a great responsibility towards the young lives, this topic has been written for the right guidance of the young ones regarding the legal steroids.

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