How Does Permanent Hair Removal Work?

By now, you have probably heard of permanent hair removal. It is a very effective procedure that has grown more popular in recent years. Many people, primarily women but men as well, have spent years and years shaving their bodies. Others choose to wax their bodies. Whichever method they choose, the goal is to remove body hair from a specific part of your body. However, these are all temporary solutions. In some senses, these solutions can actually be counterproductive. Shaving your hair blunts the ends of the hair follicles at the level of the skin’s surface. Instead of coming to a fine point, the hair comes to a flat end. This is why it looks like your hair comes back thicker and darker. Fortunately, there are ways around this problem — with laser hair removal

How It Works

Laser hair removal is a simple procedure that is fairly quick. You may experience some discomfort during your first session. Many wouldn’t describe it as painful, but rather just as a new sensation. Over time, it gets much less uncomfortable. The procedure is effective because by eliminating the hair follicle you are eliminating the entire hair. The laser hair removal process works by using a laser to create a tiny scar on the hair follicle, thus damaging the follicle. The follicle then produces scar tissue that weakens or eliminates its ability to make hair. It can no longer secrete the necessary components to produce hair.

Permanent hair removal is an alternative to waxing because it lasts longer and many people say that it is much less painful. Your first laser hair removal might not be completely effective, but after a few procedures, it will take effect.

How Long?

Laser hair removal is often called permanent hair removal, however it’s not always permanent. The length of time you can go without your hair growing depends on several different factors. For example, it depends on how many procedures you’ve had done up to that point as it becomes more effective over time. Also, the effectiveness of the procedure depends on your own physiology. If you are young and healthy and your body heals very quickly, then the procedure will not last permanently in many cases. This is because it works by scarring the follicles. If you can heal quickly, the follicles will heal themselves.

After a few procedures, the body’s ability to heal the follicles will lessen. They’ll eventually scar over, and the hair will no longer grow. If this sounds like something you want, you should talk with talented dermatologists about the procedure.


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