Soccer Game Injuries Treatment and Their Prevention

Soccer is a sport game that is most popular in United States. Soccer player play this game by using ball. As every sport has some rule and they have to be followed by every player, same is with soccer sport. Main rule is that ball is not touched by hands of players when it is in play. This rule is not applicable to goalie, a member of team. Goalie is a member of player team whose responsibility is to protect goals from opponents’ team. Player of one team can not hit, knockdown or tackle players of other team. There are eleven players in one team and all are fast and skilled in all shape.

Soccer Equipment

Soccer game players need their jersey, cleats, socks, shirts and shin guards. Shin guards will be very helpful for every player. It will save them from getting injured. Rest of equipment need for soccer sport is soccer field, soccer ball and goal for each field.Image result for Soccer Game Injuries Treatment and Their Prevention

Soccer Injuries

Soccer player must be very careful while playing. There may be reasons to get injured on soccer field while playing with soccer play. Injuries during playing may be traumatic like kick to the leg or twist to knee. This type of injury may result in swelling or bone pain. Some of soccer injuries are given here:

    • Leg fracture
    • Hamstrings
    • Achilles tendonitis
    • Quadriceps
  • Knee ligament

Soccer Treatment

Having first aid supplies on site during practices and games is imperative because even minor soccer injuries must be immediately checked and treated properly. Minor injury may be overcome just by simple rest, ice or elevation. You must contact to any professional of health care. If you have injury like fracture or knee ligament, you must take rest for proper time and do not play game. Go to soccer field only when you have cleared physical fitness test. Click here to get more info

Prevention of soccer game injury

  • Must have proper body test examinations.
  • Use shin guards and fitting cleats. Shin guard prevents you to any injury on the soccer field. Every player must check that shin guards fulfill all safety requirements.
  • Aware about soccer filed condition so that you will not get injured. More than 25% injuries are due to bad condition of poor soccer field. Do not leave all field related things to only on referee.
  • Use synthetic balls of proper size because leather balls may be overweight that may be dangerous.
  • Every player must do push up and exercise daily otherwise they will feel pain while playing.
  • Each and every player must keep hydrated himself for good fitness.
  • You must be aware about environmental conditions like humidity and weather change.
  • If you have any injury either minor or major, contact to your health professional immediately and take proper rest.
  • Do not go to soccer field until you clear fitness test.
  • While go to soccer field for playing, you must have well stored first aid kit with you. Even, all coaching centers and game places have all first aid kit in advance and an emergency medical help in advance.

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