Importance of Work Place Drug Testing

There is such a great concern with regards to the prevalence of drug abuse among many employees and employers are doing their best to ensure that all their employees are safe. With statistics showing that more than 65 Percent of people that use illicit drugs being in formal employment, all employers have to play their role and try not just to eliminate drug users during the hiring period but ensuring those that are already among their ranks are given the requisite assistance. This informs the importance of using workplace drug testing kits in order to know who you are dealing with.

The use of cheap drug test kits in the workplace is today one of the most common ways of trying to net those that abuse drugs. The introduction of workplace drug testing kits has been known to greatly reduce the impact of drug abuse by workers; some of the known consequences of using drugs in the workplace include theft, absenteeism, tardiness, crime, violence and decreased productivity. In addition to being able to identify those that abuse drugs in the workplace, such drug tests in bulk have also been known to deter employees from otherwise engaging in drug use.

Today there are different types of workplace drug testing kits that employers can choose from and which accurately detect the presence or absence of drugs in samples that are collected from individuals including saliva, hair, urine and blood. There are a number of single use drug test kits or other multiple ones. Most employers these days prefer kits that can help them identify more than one kit using just a single sample; this informs the popularity of the 5 panel drug test and there are good reasons for the same such as:

Cost effective: By using the 5 panel drug test any employer saves a considerable amount of money since they only need a single shot to be able to detect the use of different kinds of drugs. Depending on the current needs of the employer they can choose between a number of cheap drug test kits and especially the different combinations that they are interested in. Unlike those traditional laboratory tests that are quite expensive, bulk drug tests are relatively cheaper especially when dealing with companies that offer discounts for bulk drug testing supplies.

Simple and easy to use: In general, the 5 panel drug test kit is available in different forms whether test cups or test cards all of which have been designed for easy handling. The truth is that even a first time user should be able to perform any of these tests without much ado; usually you don’t need any extra instruments to be able to conduct a drug test.

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