High Quality Drug Test Kits


Laboratory test kits are more expensive than this high quality drugtests kits online. Thus,  saving your time going to a laboratory to test you with its expensive fee when you can do it at home already. Theyprovide the solutionsand results in just 5 minutes and delivers your item on time.

What makes their drug test differ from others?

  • They make sure to have stocks of the drug test kit that you need. And when the purchase is complete they’re already working on the shipment of the items.
  • Urine drug tests are made sure to be the lowest price because they are in great relationship with the manufacturer of it.
  • Their multiple warehouses can restock items more quickly to eliminate the waiting time.
  • They are providing support for their customers through their customer service that acts on time.

Keeping high quality standards are provided for their customers in keeping them happy. Their laboratories are Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) certified. This is the highest standard available and ensures the most accurate processing laboratory certification. Also Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived.  And also Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) accredited.Related image

They are focusing on providing comprehensive drug testing options to their customers whether urine drug test or hair drug test. They also provide testing programs to rehabilitation facilities, government agencies, hospitals, security companies, and businesses small or big ones. They are also into assisting new ones into providing testing professionals with the testing process.

They are designing a program to meet all organizations with its drug test kits needs. And working personally with their customers to ensure they have the right drug testing product for business.

Their Program and Services are:

  • DOT and non-DOT lab based drug testing kits.
  • Confirmation Services.
  • Education Services that includes, drugtesting programs for students, teacher, bus drivers, and athletic departments (included here is anabolic steroid testing).
  • Training and collection services for nursing facilities.
  • THC and Synthetic THC (K2 and Spice) testing.
  • Collection services on site at over 7000 sites nationwide for drug and urine test.

So, sending all your employees to a laboratory for their urine test is time consuming and of course, expensive. But your pre-employment laboratory testing and random drug testing conducted at their homes could save time and money for your business. They are to help you with your chosen program and cost effective solutions that will surely work for you.

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