Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Why You Should Leave the UK

Cosmetic surgery has become one of the most sought-after surgical procedures in the world. It is also known as aesthetic surgery, and it is different from plastic surgery. The latter is carried out to correct defects on your body and reinstate your normality in appearance and function. Cosmetic surgery is meant to improve your physical appearance. With cosmetic surgery, your ageing signs can be reduced, and your image can be enhanced in just a short period. Even though it has become popular, cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is shrouded in controversy.

Cosmetic Surgery in Poland

Before, it sounded insane for a person to fly from Britain to get their cosmetic surgery abroad. But with the advent and strengthening of the European Union, cultural, religious, business and medical tourism have really taken root. Tourists are confidently venturing courageously into Eastern European countries that were fundamentally unknown to many people.

Little wonder, many Britons are carrying cosmetic surgeon’s appointment cards in their travel suitcases for a nose job, souvenir keyring and nip and tuck plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from their faces in Poland. Eastern Europe and, in particular, Poland, has become a popular spot for liposuction, nose jobs, and facelifts at cheaper rates. There is an increase from Brits looking for nose jobs in Poland over the last few years. Poland has become a hotspot for dentures and bottom lifts for many Brits and members of the EU.

Some factors that have made Britons turn to Eastern Europe for cosmetic surgery include:

  • The disparity in medical fees charged on cosmetic surgery in Poland and economically-endowed countries like England. Medical fees for cosmetic surgery in Poland are ridiculously low. Some places will cost you half as much as you would spend in the UK, even when you top it up with flights and hotel costs.
  • The increased popularity of Poland as a tourist destination. Cosmetic surgery businesses will generally cover the travelling costs and your entertainment when you pay your initial deposit. Poland has many stunning cities that offer wonderful experiences and cheap accommodation.
  • An increase in budget airlines that fly from Britain to Poland.
  • The excellent reputation of Polish doctors and surgeons internationally.


Cosmetic surgery has helped correct physical deformities. Some people just go through the procedure to adjust small aspects of their looks, and that helps them feel confident. With cosmetic surgery, you can afford a smile and good looks. The procedure is quite expensive in the UK, and that is why many people are choosing to have their cosmetic surgery abroad.


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