Causes & Treatment of Muscle Injury after an Accident


Muscle pain and ache are the commonest symptoms the injured feel after a car crash. The pain can set in immediately or a few days later.

Reasons of Muscle Pain after Car Accidents

There are two reasons for muscle pain after a car crash.

First Reason: The accident causes the muscle fibres to overstretch. As a result, swelling and inflammation develop. This is quite similar to when you sprain an ankle. The ligaments are overstretched and swelling starts.

When swelling and inflammation set in, it causes the nerves around the damaged muscles to get irritated. Sometimes, swelling starts after a few days of the accidents. That reasons why symptoms appear late after an accident happens.

The irritated nerves signal the brain for protection surrounding the area of affected muscle. The body builds up a way for protection to contract muscles and immobilize the surrounding areas. Constant irritation and inflammation cause the damaged muscle tissues to continuously spasm.

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Second Reason: Another reason for muscle ache and pain is a counterforce. The accident creates a counterforce and that damages the muscles. This happens when you brace your muscles as a spontaneous reaction in anticipation of an imminent accident.

This is same as if you were stretching your arm and someone was trying to put it down. If you fail to develop resistance, the muscles start relaxing and the arms come down without pain. If you resist as your arms are forcibly pulled down, it damages the contracted muscles due to a heavy counterforce.

This kind of muscle injury commonly damages shoulders, neck and arms of the motorist bracing the steering wheel.

Treatment for Muscle Pain & Ache

Therapeutic Exercises: Rehabilitation of the injured muscle is done in three phases – restoration of motion, restoration of endurance and restoration of strength.

Most of us have “just leave it now” kind of attitude when it comes to muscle pain. Incorrect rehabilitation could lead to more problems in immediate or remote future.

After the process of muscle healing starts, scar tissues in the damaged areas are laid down. The scar tissue filling in the areas is similar to the scar tissues on the outside of the body.

Restoring motion for the badly affected muscles involves a range of motion exercises that you have to perform under the guidance of your doctor. As the muscles start moving to a pain-free zone, the recently formed scar tissues start lining up the same stress line as the muscles.

Endurance of the damaged muscles is increased by repeated movements and muscle training in such a way that simulates the muscle movement in your daily life.

Adding strength to the damaged muscles helps solidify the prominently developed scar tissues. It lets your muscle groups work properly as a unit and also promises a better prognosis for future.

Advanced Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: The laser therapy functions to minimize inflammation and pain. It helps to heal the affected muscles quickly.

If the damaged tissues get healed quickly, the improper scar tissues are less likely to surface and it implies that the damaged areas are unlikely to suffer further injury in future.

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