Are You Suffering From a Chipped Tooth?

Teeth consist of enamel. The hardened outer layer is extremely tough, capable of handling quite a bit of force. Age, acidic exposure and excessive grinding impact the substance’s durability, turning something quite formidable into a brittle substance. The wrong bite could create a crack. Eventually the broken piece falls away. Whether it causes an issue depends on the severity and placement of the loss. If you suspect you have this condition, it’s important to understand how to find a remedy.  

Common Symptoms

A minor chip could simply be uncomfortable. The tongue might feel a rough, jagged edge, or it may get caught as it moves around. Lower separations might aggravate the gum line. You may notice minor irritation and some inflammation. Lastly, an exposed nerve could happen. As you eat or drink, the tooth becomes sensitive, giving off painful sensations.

Possible Treatments

A dentist inspects the mouth, asking about symptoms. A visual inspection as well as x-rays may be conducted. For cosmetic gaps, specialists in teeth bonding Park Slope patch the missing section. Larger issues may require veneers or a crown.

If you are fortunate enough to save the missing piece, then place it in a glass of milk. The calcium preserves the enamel and keeps the tooth alive. Contact the dental office for an emergency appointment. They experts might be able to reattach the part.

Preventative Measures

Consider your food and beverage consumption. Avoid drinking large amounts of coffee, alcohol and juice. The high acid levels not only stain teeth, but could hurt gums and enamel. Water, on the other hand, cleanses the teeth, removing sugar and plaque. Sip on it regularly throughout the day. Avoid biting into hard candies as these may be too much. Finally, be aware of grinding and clenching. The wear is likely to create cracks.

Never hesitate to have a professional evaluate your concerns. Speak candidly about how you feel, seeking advice on how to get better.

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