3 Tips for Great Oral Health

Your smile is important to you, and you should do everything that you can to keep it looking the way that you want it to. Here are 3 things that you can do to promote good oral health.

  1. Take Action Against Grinding

Nighttime grinding can cause significant damage to your teeth. If you’ve noticed that you wake up with a sore jaw or you’re chipping your teeth and dental work, you may be suffering from Bruxism, a condition that causes chronic grinding. You should get help and advice from a dentist to deal with this problem. If you need a Broomfield dentist, connect with a provider who can help you address any damage that you’ve already caused and advise you about how to best avoid further damage in the future.

  1. Use a Mouthwash That Contains Fluoride

Most mouthwashes contain a lot of alcohol, and many contain an antiseptic agent that’s intended to kill germs and bacteria inside of your mouth. However, not all mouthwashes contain fluoride. This important compound helps to strengthen your teeth and protect their enamel from erosion and decay. When you buy a mouthwash or rinse, you should look for a product that lists fluoride as one of its active ingredients.

  1. Brush Below the Gumline

When you brush your teeth, it’s essential that you pay special attention to covering the entirety of each tooth, including the area below the gumline. While your teeth are somewhat porous, their outer layer is fairly smooth. The area that’s most vulnerable to damage from plaque and tartar is the area below the gumline. Food and bacteria can get trapped between your teeth and your gums and cause significant buildup to form over time. Brushing the covers the area below the gumline will help to protect your teeth from buildup and damage.

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