Workplace Drug Testing

The use of workplace drug testing kits and especially those that use hair samples for analysis are becoming one of the most popular non-invasive methods to detect that abuse of different parent drugs and the metabolites thereof. This type of drug test is normally employed whenever there is suspicion of the use of steroids among workers or even performance enhancing drugs among athletes; they can be able to determine the consumption of different kinds of illicit drugs such as heroin, cannabis, opium etc.

These days, employers and mangers conduct random cheap drug tests in their workplaces in order to discover or expose those among their employees who may be suspected of abusing drug so they can get enrolled into drug rehabilitation programs.

Accuracy: When it comes to matters of accuracy with regards to random cheap drug tests, the use of hair follicles as samples has been found to be more accurate than when urine samples are used. This is especially true in situations where drugs such as opiates, PCP and methamphetamine are being tested; this is considered very effective especially if you are trying to detect even the lowest level of drug use over a long period of time. Since drug metabolites are flushed out of the body system every three to seven days, the use of hair follicle samples for cheap drug tests helps in detecting long term use of drugs.    wedding

Costs: One of the best things about the use of hair follicle samples for work place drug testing kits has to do with costs, it is known to cost much less than any other form of drug testing methods. What’s more, it is also one of the least invasive methods of drug testing that easily allows for many more people to be tested for use of narcotic drugs at the same time.

Drugs detected: The wholesale drug test kits that employ hair follicle samples can be used to detect different kinds of illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, morphine, heroin, amphetamine and ecstasy among others. For drugs such as amphetamines, you will need between 50 and 80 strands of hair which are just about 2 inches long; the quantity that is required may vary from one person to another depending on the hair thickness, texture and hair color. For the cheap drug test kits to give accurate results the hair has to be cut from as close as possible to the scalp of the subject.

Time period of test: The time period that is normally covered by drug tests using hair follicle samples is normally 90 days even though this could vary from one individual to another depending on their hair growth rate. For the most accurate results you cannot harvest the hair from the comb or anywhere else apart from the scalp.

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