Why Is Body Contouring Becoming Popular Among Men

In the field of cosmetic surgery, body contouring is one of the most sought after medical procedures that patients opt for to eliminate areas of excessive fat accumulation in specific parts of their bodies. Moreover, this branch of medical science is no longer the domain of women, who want to enhance their looks. In recent years an increasing number of men are undergoing such treatments in improve the appearance of certain parts of their body and in the process boost their self-confidence. However, just like their female counterpart, it is never easy for these men to choose the appropriate surgery that suits their needs.

Sono Bello, is a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in America that provide both male and female patients with unique and state of art cosmetic surgical treatments that  eliminates excessive and stubborn fat deposits in specific areas  of their bodies. The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc accredits this clinic for providing healthcare of the highest quality to its clients and members of the public in all its thirty-two centers in the country. In addition to this, the clinic has more than a hundred Board Certified Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons who have the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise to carry out complex body contouring surgical procedures. These competent medical experts have performed over seventy-five thousand successful body transformation surgeries until date and many people who undergo such medical procedures consider the clinic as their first choice.Image result for Why Is Body Contouring Becoming Popular Among Men

Popular Body Contouring Procedures for men

The medical specialists of this clinic explain that rhinoplasty, male chest reduction, eyelid surgery, liposuction and hair transplantation are the most popular body contouring procedures. Rhinoplasty tops the list of the most in-demand body contouring techniques that most men prefer to undergo. An important reason for this is that most men feel that by changing the shape along with contour of their nose will go a long way in enhance their facial appearance. This goes a long way in giving a boost to their self-confidence.

Liposuction is second most popular body contouring technique that men opt for when they visit cosmetic surgery clinic. The areas of the abdomen, upper flanks along with the lower back are the most important regions where men undertake this cosmetic surgery treatment. Another popular spot where men opt to take liposuction operations is the portion of their face under the chin as it enhances the jaw and the neckline. Finally, male chest reduction is the third most popular body contouring procedure that men choose to take. This is because with age, the breast tissues of men being to overdevelop causing their chest to droop, which adversely affects their self-confidence. However, with the aid of male breast reduction, it is possible for medical practitioners specializing in cosmetic surgery to rectify this condition.

The medical specialists at Sono Bello further explain that with the rapid advances in the field of body contouring procedures for men, it does not come as a surprise to them that more male patients are opt for such treatment to enhance their looks and confidence.

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