Services Provided by Women’s Health Clinics

Women’s health clinics have increased greatly in popularity in recent times. As they offer women-specific treatments in an environment that’s caring, compassionate and comfortable, these clinicsallow more women to receive the healthcare they require. It’s no surprise thatmost women feel more comfortable seeking care from women’s health clinicsas a result of the higher number of female staff who work there. Continue reading to learn about the services provided by women’s health clinics and abortion clinics in Melbourne.

General Health Services

One of the biggestadvantages of selecting a women’s health clinic is being able to go to one location for diagnosis, medical treatment and any necessary referrals to specialists. This makesgetting the care you need in a timely mannersimpler and more straightforward. Women’s health clinics also reduce the stress and hassle encountered at traditional medical centres, as many of them alsohave on-site specialists.

Yearly Check-Ups and Exams

One of the most common services provided by women’s health clinics is the yearly exam. This check-up provides an overall snapshotof a woman’s healthand includes all the core components of a standard doctor’s examination, such as:

  • Looking at vital signssuch as blood pressure
  • Examination of the head and neck
  • Checking the body for any issues
  • Conducting laboratory tests

An annual check-up and examinationperformed at a women’s health clinic will additionally look for conditions that most commonly affect women. For instance, osteoporosis is mostly experienced by women. In a health clinicdedicated to women’s health, your yearly exam will likely include thenecessary tests to check bone health.

Dedicated Women’s Health Care

A women’s health cliniccan also provide dedicated female-specific services such as cervical cancer screenings, pelvic exams and mammograms.

  • Cervical cancer screeningsareimportant for all females over the age of 21 in order to detect cervical cancerearly. They should be performed every three years for femaleswith a healthy immune system. They may be required more often if you suffer from a pre-existing condition or have had cervical cancer previously.
  • The pelvic exam involves your doctor inspecting the vagina, cervix and vulva to check for any abnormalitiesthat may be present, such as sexually transmitted infections (STI). This is performed in a private and respectful way and can be conducted by a female doctor if you wish.
  • Mammograms are used to check the breasts for cancer and are usually required every few years. Mostdoctors recommend getting your firstmammogramat the age of 50, but you may need one at an earlier age ifyour familyhas a history of breast cancer.

Family Planning

Family planning is an important service that can be sought out at women’s health clinics and abortion clinics in Melbourne. Family planning is essentially focused onpreventing unwanted pregnancies and assistingpregnant women to be as healthyas they can be. Family planning can also involveassisting couples to conceive, providing counselling and fertility services, and performing abortionsfor unwanted pregnancies.



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