An overview of nonsurgical butt lift with Sculptra®!

Who doesn’t want the perfect butt? Of course, many factors are beyond our control, such as aging. As we age, dimples, depressions and hollows become even more apparent, and just toning exercises don’t help much. Sculptra® is a bio-stimulant, which is used for treating and restoring soft-tissue volume loss. While it does have a few applications in the medical world, Sculptra® is now considered to be one of the better nonsurgical means of getting a lift. Below are some critical aspects worth knowing about Clinique Anti Aging non surgical butt lift.

How does Sculptra® work? Is the treatment same as dermal fillers?

Let’s start with the second part of the question. Sculptra® is not same as dermal fillers, because it doesn’t produce immediate results, although it is injected in the same way as fillers. Sculptra® is a bio-stimulant and not a filler, so it works by stimulating production of collagen, and this happens over a period of time. Sculptra® can be considered for different parts of the body, including the face, arms, legs and buttocks. Since it doesn’t involve any invasive procedure, it doesn’t have as many risks. As far as comparison to Hyaluronic acid fillers is concerned, the effects of Sculptra® take longer to be visible but also lasts longer. In fact, you can expect the effects of such a butt lift to last for as long as two years.

Sculptra® sessions, maintenance, costs and more

Sculptra® is not a medical procedure, and it is not approved for body use in many countries as yet, so we recommend that you select a clinic that can offer the right information. Nevertheless, Sculptra® is still considered for cosmetic reasons, so don’t expect the costs to be covered under insurance. As for the number of sessions required, it depends on the volume loss, which is typically more with older people. You can expect to get at least two to three sessions, over a period of about two to three months. The gap between Sculptra® sessions is usually between a month to 45 days. Maintenance is required with this treatment, and you will be asked to visit at least once in six months or a year. Costs may vary, but do ask about each session charges during the first appointment.

In conclusion, if you want the perfect butt without relying on surgery or without spending a fortune, Sculptra® might be the option you need.


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