Overcoming Fear from Nose Job Surgery

Rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery is now very common among people all over the world. At first, this type of surgery was only for those in the glamour industry and of course the ones who can afford it. But slowly this idea is now changing. Almost anyone who desires for a particular look can opt for surgery. However, there is still something that is holding some people back, and it is nothing but fear of the surgery going terribly wrong!

We all know that be it any treatment, there is always a percentage of risk involved. After all, going under the knife is not something people wish for! But you have to understand that every operation is done to make things better.

So, What Creates These Fears?

The answer to this is very simple! There is a multitude of different myths that people will talk about without really knowing the details of the procedure. These words of mouth are the primary reason causing fear. Its time you get over the fear of nose job surgery!

Five Ways to Overcome Your Fear

If you believe, ‘it is better to be safe than sorry,’ then here are the few things that will help you to overcome your fear:

  • Always opt for a professional, experienced surgeon like Sutherland rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Alan Evans
  • Do your research before availing the treatment
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the change in your physical appearance
  • Talk to your surgeon and discuss everything. Make sure not to leave even a single seed of doubt in mind
  • Make sure you have your family or friends support

Now, there are particular facts which you need to know in order to be more comfortable and confident about your decision.

Facts to Overcome Common Cosmetic Surgery Fears

Here are some myths that have created an entirely wrong impression regarding nose job surgery which you should know!

Fear 1: Plastic surgery can make you look literally ‘plastic.’

Fact: Absolutely not! People might find you different and take the time to get accustomed, but this doesn’t mean that you will look bad! 88% of the time individuals choosing nose job surgery have more confidence than they ever did before their surgery.

Fear 2: What if this doesn’t suit my skin?

Fact: It is a personalised treatment. An experienced surgeon will conduct several tests to make sure that it is appropriate and no allergic reaction occurs. If you have heard about individuals experiencing certain reactions from their surgery, first of all, it is an extremely rare case; and second, with an experienced surgeon, this would not happen.

Fear 3: Men don’t undergo plastic surgery. It is not socially acceptable!

Fact: Between the years of 1993 – 2017, the number of males choosing plastic surgery increased by 273%. Now, you have your answer.

Fear 4: What if I’m left with marks on my body following the surgery?

Fact: This happens when you go for conventional surgery. For plastic surgery, the treatment procedure is quite different.

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