Fildena testimonials have won the drug a lot of fans over the years and for good reasons too. The drug, which is a generic alternative to Viagra has been a tremendous one for customers time and again. With so many Fildena testimonials about its efficacy in a short period of time, there is hardly a better alternative in the market for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, an anomaly caused by a wide range of factors such as stress and other unhealthy activities.  Having poor sexual arousal for married couples and inability to maintain erection for a good period isn’t the best for a sexually satisfying marital life. But thanks to Fortune Health Care India, their generic drug means you are just within reach to one of the most potent generic drugs to Viagra, in Fildena.

Mitch, a 42-year-old Florida resident in the US had an overwhelming experience with Fildena. Haven received the drug from a friend, its effect, for him, was just “too good”.

Nigel Kroner from New York is another satisfied user of Fildena. For him, Fildena 25 was a perfect alternative to Filagra 25 which he bought earlier, and happy he made the switch.  While Gwen and Marty from Rhode Island say they had complete satisfaction with the drug as they had the promises fulfilled with its superb effect.

Jacob, another user of Fildena for the past 4 years simply describes the drug as fun to use. While Adrian from Detroit says it is a matchless drug when compared with its competitors in the market, with its fast action and good taste a notch above the rest.

Manufacturers of this drug, Fortune Healthcare, located in India is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company to verify the high standards it proclaims. Fildena testimonials have made the drug a revolutionary product for the firm, with other drugs constantly being manufactured. The firm has over 300 products in the market, with registration of 40 products in the Philippines, while working tirelessly to expand its international acceptance in other Asian countries worldwide.

It is vitally important to know if you are allergic to some drugs before using Fildena, and it is advised to consult your physician for safe use. A dose of 50mg daily is normally a good start. Thus, apart from few side effects which have been reported such as sinus discomfort and headaches, Fildena is an overall decent drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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