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When your teeth get infected by bacteria, it is essential to manage the infection efficiently or else it is going to spread overall and cause damage to other teeth. When someone gets a cavity, there are two things which can be done. If the hole is not too much, and it is still in the condition where the dental filling will help, it becomes one of the ideal solutions. If it is too severe to get a dental filling or use any traditional means to restore the condition, the teeth have to be either removed, or a root canal can also be implemented. It is a pulp therapy procedure where the pulp tissue of the teeth is removed so that the tooth is killed and thus preventing spreading of the infection any further. Before you decide if you should be going under this therapy or not, you should know about the pros and cons of root canal.

Pros of root canal

1) Relief from toothache

If there is a severe toothache due to some significant dental cavities, a root canal can be a considerable relief. Due to a toothache, one may have sleepless nights and face major problems while eating, chewing. When the pulp tissue is removed after a root canal, there is no more pain.

2) You don’t lose the teeth

Why would you lose a tooth when you can have it and use it for other purposes? Upon removal of the teeth, the entire structure of the face will be changed, and you might have some problems with chewing or eating food. When the root canal is performed, the patient is relieved from the pain and the infected tooth is still going to stay in the mouth and can be used for other purposes.

3) It is a reversible process

The process of tooth extraction is reversible. When you permanently lose a tooth, there is no way that you will get it back other than a prosthesis. Going for a prosthesis is no easy task, and it is an expensive process as well. It is better to opt for a root canal rather than getting it. In this way, you have the teeth, and you also end up saving some extra money.

4) No major changes

When you have removed a tooth from your mouth, there might be a lot of changes happening in it. The other teeth might drift apart, and there can be a shift in positions. This may arise some occlusion problems or disorders like TMJ disorders.

Cons of root canal

1) Brittle

When the pulp tissue is removed, the tooth becomes brittle. If it is not treated correctly, there can be a fracture in the tooth, and hence, one should avoid eating hard foods. You can also use porcelain crown to make it stable.

2) Expensive

It is expensive than tooth extraction because of obvious reasons. You don’t lose a tooth here which is why the process is complicated. Getting rid of a tooth is not a very complicated process, and hence, it is comparatively cheap.

These are some of the pros and cons of root canal which you should be aware of before getting a root canal. Always ensure that you consult an experienced dentist for better results.

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