Equine Therapy: A Different Approach to Addiction Recovery

Cookie-cutter addiction treatment programs do not work for everyone. Thankfully there are treatment centers that develop more non-traditional methods, such as equine therapy for addiction recovery. Traveling down these lesser-traveled roads are often the best decision that can be made by someone battling a tough addiction.

Comprehensive Treatment for Addictions

Most treatment centers try and provide the most comprehensive programs to tackle the difficult tasks of breaking an addiction. Most will involve a detox portion as well as counseling for a successful recovery. Standard addiction treatment programs work for many people, but there are specialized treatments that can reach the most difficult cases with proven positive results.

When Traditional Treatments Fail

Traditional programs that involve counseling alone may not be what you need to get and stay on the road to recovery. Taking a different approach is often the perfect solution. More non-traditional programs can place greater emphasis and focus on developing the skills that are needed to stay motivated to recover from addictions. It takes being flexible to find the right program for your specific needs.Related image

What is equine therapy?

Equine therapy for addictions is the combination of traditional counseling and detox with the added relationship building with horses. A treatment center that offers equine therapy will have gentle horses that you work with and help provide basic care. This helps forge a strong relationship and hone needed skills for a lifetime of success. These programs have been proven to be beneficial to all age groups, but it really appeals to teens and younger adults. This seems to be one of the more successful programs when traditional treatment does not work.

Building Communication Skills

It is not difficult to talk to a horse, but much like any animal, they depend greatly on reading out body language. How you present body motions will relay much about what you are feeling and thinking. You will learn how to be more transparent in both communicated and body language. Simple communication skill improvement will prove useful for the duration of your life.

Building a Trusting Relationship

Horses are dependent on humans to provide much of their daily care. This includes feeding, bathing, stall cleaning, grooming, and attention. Being that they are large animals, it will take trust on the part of the client to feel safe around the animal. The horse will then become dependent on you for their daily needs to be met. This leads to a symbiotic relationship based on mutual trust. This can help anyone with an addiction feel needed and more secure in their environment.

Developing True Leadership Skills

Maintaining sobriety in life past treatment will mean being able to exhibit leadership skills that lead to making good decisions. Working with horses is a great way to learn and develop strong leadership skills. Horses depend on good leaders to handle them on an everyday basis. Taking them for walks, riding and general care will mean playing the role of leader in the relationship. This is a valuable skill you will be able to take with you and put into practical use.

Minimizing Anxiety and Stress

Life, in general, can offer plenty of anxiety and stress, but dealing with an addiction compounds problems. Molehills become mountains and things get shuffled off rather than dealt with. Animals of many types have been found as one of the best sources of relaxation and stress reduction for humans. Horses also play a critical role in relieving anxiety. Being able to focus attention away from personal problems and absorb the positive energy from the horse can completely transform your outlook. Having the care of the animal to look forward to is one way to keep moving towards the goal of complete recovery, one day at a time.

Gaining Lasting Friendship and Sobriety

The bonds of friendship forged between clients and horses are strong. It is one built on honesty, integrity, and true emotion. These animals will see the best in you, even when you feel you are at your worst. Their non-judgmental demeanor will win your heart and help you through the treatment process. This is the perfect treatment option for those that love animals and need connection with a kindred spirit during the experience.

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