How To Choose The Right Socks For Pilates

Pilates is comprised of a series of exercises that require flexibility, stamina, and coordination. Continuous repetition is usually the key aspect of any Pilates’ routine. More attention is given to muscle toning than muscle building making avid practitioners achieve a trimmed and toned figure. Needless to say, an activity this hype and upbeat need the right apparel to perform with – from head to toe.

Most of you are probably aware of how a typical Pilates outfit looks like. Skin tight clothing usually made of Spandex material to help support different types of body weight and basic knee and elbow gear are mostly seen being worn during Pilates’ sessions. But have you ever took a minute to appreciate and maybe wonder what the ideal socks for Pilates should be like?

Well, we’ve prepared this short guide exactly for that purpose.

Different Types of Socks for Pilates

Out of all Pilates’ gear, socks may be considered a negligible concern. And you might even thing “What’s the big deal? I can do Pilates even with my Pilates socks mismatched.” Well, to be fair, you are indeed correct. You can still swing your arms and flex your feet even if you don’t use a matched pair.

However, socks are also very important if you want to maximize the way you perform your Pilates’ routine. I mean, most of us like doing Pilates in the safety of our homes. Some like to do it with dance shoes on, but many others (me being one of them) like to attack the Pilates routine barefoot – or with socks on at least (click here to read about proper footwear).

Socks ease movements. Twists and turns are done better with socks on – especially on tiled floors. However, choosing the incorrect kind may also affect your perception of them. What we’re saying is that learning to choose the best socks fit for your Pilates routine is your ticket to improving the whole experience better!

Knee Highs

Knee-high socks are great for exercises that involves a lot of kneeling so it’s ideal for Pilates stretches. It protects your knees from developing bad or dead skin in the knee-cap area which leads to skin darkening and poor fairness. Usually, skin-tight leggings do the trick. But knee-highs are great when you feel like sporting aerobic shorts instead!


I personally fancy ankle-cut socks. I just find ankles kind of sexy. But then again, that’s just me. But more than just looking fashionable, ankle-cuts are great when combined with long, skin-tight bottoms. They’re easy to move around in too.


You know those socks that have slots for each of your little toes? I don’t really know what they’re called but I like to call them peek-a-toes. They’re good for Pilates’ exercises that require a good level of grip on the floor to avoid slipping (see this article to know more advantages of using peek-a-toes:

Lock Grip

If grip is mainly what you’re looking for in socks, try ones that have soles with a bunch of rubber polka-dots. It’s an all-around sock. It allows you to glide and turn easily when you tiptoe and gives you a good grip on the floor when you relax your feet.

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