Was Brock Lesnar Found Guilty Of Consuming Steroids

Consumption of steroids as a performance enhancement drug is quite common since many years. A lot of athletes consume it to increase their stamina, agility and strength. Consumption of banned steroids has been considered as illegal in several countries. Brock Lesner is a well-known wrestler who has to his name a few accusations regarding consumption of steroid. To uncover the reality, the certain investigation was conducted to prove whether he was guilty or innocent of the allegations that were made against him.

Who is Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesner is a very popular wrestler that has been remembered for his amazing performances till today. He has to his credit the record of being the youngest wrestler to win the title of “WWE.” This brought him into the limelight and recognized for his outstanding talent and abilities. Brock also became the “WWE Universal Champion.”

What made Brock Lesner linked with steroids?

Steroid accusation against Brock Lesnar started when he participated in the WWE Championship 15 years ago. He was found to place an order for steroid from a certain internet company that was investigated by police. This brought him in the eyes of police authority who began suspecting him for resorting to illegal means to succeed in the championship.

As a part of their investigation, police officials started tracking all the shipments that were in his name. A series of laboratory tests were also performed to check whether the pills that he had ordered contained any suspicious element in it.

What was the result of the investigation?

Fortunately, the results of the lab tests confirmed that those pills were not steroids at all. This incidence not only brought relief to him but also to his millions of fans all over the world who were praying for him.

Though Brock Lesnar wasn’t found to have illegally consumed steroids, but still he was linked to consumption of another banned substance called clomiphene or Clomid. This was the substance that was detectable for 2 to 3 weeks. It has also been highly used for the ability to hide the presence of steroids in a drug test.


Like Brock Lesner, there are several sportsmen who are accused of using illegal practices with products sold on the black market. If ever they are found to be guilty then sometimes it happens knowingly or unknowingly. Being unaware of the steroid laws destroys their career for the entire life. To save from such damaging consequences it is important to read the rules pertaining to steroids before consuming it.

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