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Nowadays people get affected by many of the new diseases due to irregular diet and inhaling dangerous gases emitted by industries. On the run to make money, some people fail to look over their family’s health including their health. In their daily schedule they take food that is unhealthy to our body. Due to increasing population air pollution tend to get increased in the towns when compared to villages.

Many unknown diseases for which there is no particular vaccine for remedy are being spread out .Even a dangerous disease starts with a common cold. People should take care of their health. A shocking fact is that the vaccine that is to be injected for flu gets ineffective. So we need to identify a new vaccine that prevents us from cold, flu and other health problems. There is the best cold remedy found in the body itself. It is named as the palmitoylethanolamide shortly called as PEA.cold-flu-cough-natural-remedies-runny-nose-headache-fever-chills

PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide):

PEA is an effective supplement for the diseases like cold and flu. It works by reducing the chance of getting affected with cold or flu. But what if a person already has cold or flu? PEA also relieves such person by reducing the common symptoms .Many people are afraid of using foreign medicines as they may bring side effects. For such kind of people this would be a pleasure as it is medically proven and is free off any nasty side effects.

As  this supplement is being produced by our human body as a response of infection or pain. This treatment has been across past century with no negative feedback from the users consuming it.

Functions of PEA and proven facts:

PEA plays a supportive role in the immune system of our body and resembles as an anti inflammatory supplement.

Regarding the functions of PEA many studies have been undertaken and thus proved that after the treatment the symptoms of the disease has been reduced.  According to the double blinded study on 457 school children PEA does not contain any side effects. It has also proved the specific property of PEA acts as an inducer. By the use of PEA the cold and flu has been highly reduced and prevents us from being under the wool for days.

Directions to use:

 Use two capsules twice a day which is a total of 1500-2400mg .In shops PEA capsules are available from 400mg.After two weeks of consuming it, after the dose gets adaptable increase the capsules thrice a day. In case of high flu or cold symptoms a high dose of 2400mg is preferable and the treatment should be done at the first symptom itself.

As an outcome of these facts it shows that PEA acts as a best cold remedy and performs well in the respiratory track of the person.PEA is also commonly found in food items like egg, peanuts. So make use of this natural treatment which does not cause any harm.  

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