6 Easy Ways To Be Healthier

It doesn’t take much to become healthier. You don’t have to go to the gym every day and work out for hours (although if that is what you want to do, we won’t stop you as long as you warm up properly first and don’t push yourself too hard all at once); there are some super easy ways to become healthier that everyone can do every day. They may only be small things, but the results can be big. Here are some of the easiest.

Put Your Linens In The Laundry

If your bed linens haven’t been washed in a while, get them off the bed and into the laundry. Dust mites tend to hang out on unwashed linens, and they can trigger some nasty allergies. Wash your bed linens every week in hot water and they’ll leave you alone. While you’re at it, you can use a duvet and mattress cover to give you even more protection.

Look Out For Side Effects

If you have been given medication by your doctor, make sure you read all the labeling and information that comes with it. It’s important to know what you’re taking, but it’s equally important to know what the side effects might be so that if you start to suffer from any of them you can do something about it. Take a look at sideeffectanswers.com to get some insight into medical side effects and what to do about them.

Silence Your Phone

Night time is for sleeping, not for being disturbed by your smartphone. Make sure that you silence it before you go to bed (preferably at least an hour before if you can) and don’t touch it until the morning. If you use it as an alarm clock don’t worry; it will still wake you up, but it will be when you choose, not when someone sends a text late at night. If you really don’t like the idea of being out of touch with friends and family make sure you let them all know not to contact you between certain hours unless it’s an emergency. Even better: turn the phone off completely.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking more water is a great means to keep your body in optimal health. Not only does water keep you hydrated, but it’ll keep your skin and hair nourished, can speed up your metabolism and improve your awareness. You will be more proactive, and it can even help flush out bladder infections.

Lower The Volume

Listening to music can be relaxing, and that, of course, is good for you. Listening to music that’s too loud, however, can be bad for your health. Most MP3 players can go up to 120 decibels, which is far too loud for human ears and can cause hearing damage or loss over time. Don’t crank the volume up over 60 percent, and don’t use your headphones for more than an hour at a time without having a 20-minute break to allow your hearing to re-set.

Microwave The Dish Sponge

Most likely your kitchen dish sponge is the dirtiest, most germ-filled thing in your whole house, and the bacteria that it contains can easily make you and your family ill. Zap them in the microwave once a week for 30 seconds, or even put them in the dishwasher if you prefer. That will nuke the germs completely and make the sponge safe to use again.

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