Understanding Drug Addiction


When you hear the words ‘drug addict’ many people will think of a pale faced, skinny young man or woman possibly begging for money or stealing to fund a habit.  However, anyone can become a drug addict.  It is not usually a conscious decision!  There are hundreds of different substances which can cause addictions.  These range from the classic heroin or class A type drugs to the less well known painkillers, such as Oxycontin.  Whilst it is possible that a class A drug addict started voluntarily it is highly unlikely they dabbled in drugs to become addicted.  Equally, whilst many prescription drugs are used by class A drug addicts this is simply a case of availability.  There are many people who have been prescribed pain relief by their doctors only to find they have become addicted to the drugs.  These people can often suffer from extremely painful conditions; this can make the process of recovery much more difficult.  It is often essential to seek the help and assistance of a drug rehab clinic to achieve a successful outcome.

It is important to understand that there are many factors which can lead to a drug addiction and the need to spend time in a drug rehab clinic:

  • Environment

It is believed that people who have been brought up in an addictive environment or who already have family members with addictions are more likely to become addicted themselves.  It is not known whether this is a result of a perceived social acceptance or a genetic issue.

It is also worth noting that peer pressure is an exceptionally common way for people to start taking drugs.  The desire to fit in and be perceived as normal is imperative to many people.  What starts as dabbling in drugs can quickly become something more.

  • Genetics

Your genes are also thoughts to play a part in whether you are likely to become an addict or not.  It is important to remember that while you cannot control the genes you are born with you can learn to channel your energy.  High adrenaline activities are often referred to as addictive simply because they give you a natural high.  Whilst there may be a higher risk level associated with this kind of activity you are likely to avoid drug rehab and have a more fulfilling life!

  • Sex

It has been shown that males are more likely to develop a dependency on drugs than females are.  However, it has also been noted that women tend to progress much quicker with any addiction than men do.

  • Loneliness

It is thought that those who are lonely or have an inadequate level of family and friends to support them are more likely to develop a dependency on drugs.  This will be simply to provide the support they are missing.  It will quickly lead to a reliance and addiction which can completely change the life of the sufferer.

As already mentioned, many people simply become addicted to prescription painkillers; which are powerful drugs.  This type of addiction is difficult to overcome as the reliance on pain control is essential.  However, there are many drug rehab clinics who will offer their services to assist in your recovery.

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