Baroness Susan Greenfield: The Famous British Scientist

Susan Adele Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield is a famous British Scientist and House of Lords’ member. She is also a writer and broadcaster as well. She is mainly known for her research work on Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. Other than that her interest also lies in the impact of technology on the human brain and neuroscience of consciousness.

The former Synaptic Pharmacology Professor is currently a senior research fellow at Lincoln, Oxford University. Between 2005 and 2013 she was also the chancellor of the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and was also the director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Later in the year 2013, she co-founded the biotech company known as the Neuro-bio Ltd and occupied the position as the Chief Executive Officer. Her list of achievements is an endless one. From her career goals, one thing is clear that she is an ambitious woman who has her goals fixed.

About her work

Susan Greenfield’s work in the field of psychology has uncovered some of the most important questions about the human brain. One of her most famous works is the, ‘what is consciousness?’ other than that she also has her focus set on Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. She has conducted her research on both these diseases.


Baroness Susan Greenfield is a well-known British Research Scientist, broadcaster and author from Oxford. She is known to have held research fellowships in a number of colleges and universities including the College de France Paris, NYU Medical Center New York and in the department of Psychology Oxford. In her whole career, she has been awarded 32 honorary degrees from various foreign and British Universities.

In the year 2000, she was elected to an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians. Her works got further recognition when she was selected for the Golden Plate Award, 2003 by the Academy of Achievement, Washington. She was also selected by the French government for the L’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur, 2003 and also for the 2010 Australian Medical Research Society Medal. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards and honour because of her fine work. Currently, she is working as the CEO of a biotech company, Neuro-Bio that she co-founded in the year 2013.

Susan Greenfield is a dedicated scientist who with her extensive research work and knowledge about the human brain is trying to open new ways of understanding the consciousness of human beings. You can read more about her and her works on the internet.


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