Quick Tips to Deal with Pain after Coolsculpting in Toronto

Coolsculpting is the new trend for getting rid of tummy. In this technique, fat cells are frozen, so you tend to look thinner than you originally were. The technique is quite popular in Toronto for obvious reasons. To begin with, it’s quite effective. You are likely to shed up to 20% of body fat. Secondly, it doesn’t involve surgery. However, this does not imply that it’s pain-free. The truth is that the fat-freezing process can be painful and the pain may persist for a number of days. Nonetheless, there are ways that you leverage to manage pain after Coolsculpting in Toronto, including:  

  1. Confirm Your Candidature

Though Coolsculpting may help you shed a certain percentage of body fats, it’s not a weight-loss procedure. So, you can’t use it to manage weight. If you are not an ideal candidate and you go ahead with the procedure, you may not create good suction. In the end, you are likely to have a more painful experience. So, you need to first talk to your doctor to confirm if you are qualified to undertake the procedure.

  1. Take Pain Medications

Since the procedure is non-surgical, it’s not common to have a discussion about medication with the Coolsculpting expert. However, you can always ask about the pain relievers that you should take. The doctor may prescribe non-narcotics like Neurontin or non-steroids like Ibuprofen.

  1. Try Non-medical Approaches

Pain medications often come with side effects that vary from one individual to another. If you are not ready to take the risk, then you should consider non-medical approaches like:

  • Meditate or do deep breathing
  • Perform light exercises
  • Applya warm compress to the area
  • Practice guided imagery


  1. Apply Some Ice

Ice is not just used to reduce inflammation. It’s equally effective against pain. You need to apply ice packs to the aching area for about 10 minutes. This is enough time to lessen the pain. You can do this routinely until the pain stops or until you find a more effective approach.

  1. Do Self-Massage

Sometimes, you may experience muscle tightness and this may manifest in the form of pain. You shouldn’t worry about this as it can be managed by gentle massage. You actually don’t need help to do it. Just do the massage yourself for a few minutes each time you feel like your muscles are tightening.

  1. Wear Loose Clothing

Clothes that are too tight are normally restrictive and should be avoided after Coolsculpting. This is especially important if they are restricting your waistline. It’s a leading cause of pain and discomfort after Coolsculpting. If you are looking for pain relief, then you have no choice but to find something loose and comfortable to wear.

  1. Keep Your Mind Occupied

At times, all you need to forget about pain is occupying your mind with something interesting. For example, you should:

  • Have a thrilling book to read
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Play your favorite game
  • Write down your experience as it happens

It all boils down to the preparations that you make when going for Coolsculpting if you are looking to deal with pain. The pain will always be there and it’s the price you pay for getting rid of tummy fat. However, the above tips will make a difference in helping you have a more comfortable experience.

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