Ways to Make Your Nails Look Healthy


Everyone loves to have their nails look beautiful, manicured, and polished to spear perfect, but preserving them in a healthy state is not easy and not that tough! Often, nails get cracked, break, or split, and this can be painful. If you’re struggling with peel and dry nails then make sure you visit the URL https://duri.com/product/rejuvacote-1/ for tips to maintain your nails healthy and in good shape.

Here are some home remedies that are prescribed by a nutritionist, which could help your nails look better and healthy:

  • Soak your nails in the olive oil

If you feel your fingernails are weak then soak them in olive oil for 15-20 minutes every day for one month and continue for twice a week. This helps to strengthen your nails and fortify damaged, peeling, or weak nails.

  • Enclose them

Paint your nails often to keep your fingernails healthy and protect them against the damage. Nail paints are the best treatment for your nails that helps to protect the base coat and prevents the breakages. It also protects from the harsh cleaning products and effects caused by the water.

  • Hydrate them often

Dry nails can damage your nails and would affect your skin too. Apply cuticle oil to the nails using cotton and let them dry for overnight. This provides some lubricants and nutrition to your fingernails and the surrounding skin. Make sure you wear gloves while doing your chores.

  • Use gel nails

Don’t be in a dilemma that gel nail paints are harmful and damage your nails. In fact, gel nail polish helps to strengthen your nails and doesn’t damage the nails.

  • Pick the top-rated remover

Make sure you choose a gentle nail paint remover because some are included with harsh chemicals that can damage your nail shininess and results in hardness. Before buying the nail polish remover look for the ingredients used and if it contains acetone then you can buy. Acetone is effective and efficient to remove the nail paint quickly and also said that it’s a formula to soften your nails faster.  

  • Don’t over rub

If you over rub the nails that contain nail paint it might damage the pigments of your fingernails.  Be gentle while rubbing the nail paint and don’t be in hurry to run because you might end up hurting the nail basecoat.

  • Salon treatment would be a great option

When you visit the salon for your nail treatment, they are likely to use the UV light to activate your nails. The rays generally penetrate a blend of avocado and jojoba oil that helps to strengthen your nails. This could be 45-50 minute treatment that’s dedicated to repairing the talons for months.

  • Provide the best nutrition for your nail growth

Biotin and vitamin B are necessary for your nail growth, and make sure you follow a balanced diet that provides a good quantity of proteins. They help to thicken and strengthen your fingernails and make sure you have a word with your doctor before taking the supplements.

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