Ultimate Dog Bite Advice: What to do After Being Bitten?




The victim will likely suffer from initial shock after recovering from an injury by a dog. Sometimes, dog bite injuries are completely not their fault. Most of the victims feel traumatized as well.

After being bitten by a dog, a victim must fully understand their rights and the action that they can do. Here some pieces of advice that will come in handy for a dog bite.

Must identify the dog and its owner

After being bitten, it is necessary that the victim must identify the dog and its owner. Problems like treatment for rabies may arise if the animal is a stray. Also, if the dog or a wild animal attacks a person, the victim is entitled to receive compensation from the owner.

The owner must shoulder the medical expenses, reimburse any lost income, and pay for any necessary cosmetic surgery. They must also help the victim in overcoming the pain and suffering from the injury.

Take photos of the woundfair

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Before seeking for any medical attention, make sure to take a picture of the injury. A dog bite can cause different kinds of infection with a lot of consequences. Some victims get bitten on the face. They usually insist on treatments by a plastic surgeon since ER doctors are not very particular in stitching the wound clean.

Seek for Medical Advice

After the dog bite, the victim immediately needs to be in a safer place. Also, the victim must stay in a place away from the attacker to avoid any further injury. All dog bites usually cause damages beneath the skin, so calling for 911 immediately is a good move.

Before the professional help arrives, the wound needs to be kept elevated. It is also advised to wash the wound with a tap water.

After identifying the owner, obtain the information regarding the dog’s rabies immunization status or ask for help if the owner is still unknown.

File a dog bite reportfair

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Even if it was a minor injury, always file a dog report to the authorities. Reporting the incident will legally document the case. It can also help any victims that the same dog will attack in the future. Without legal papers, the authority can’t function well.

Contact an Attorney

After filing a dog bite report, contact a dog bite or personal injury attorney. Legal issues regarding wild animal attacks are mostly complex and are hard to navigate around. The dog bite lawyer is the only person besides the doctor who’ll offer their best interest to a victim’s condition.


Sometimes, even if a person is careful accidents may still happen. Being attacked by a dog or any animals can traumatize and severely injure a person. Listed above are actions that can help the victim’s party after the incident.

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