Top Contract Staffing Recruiting Agencies: A Definitive Guide

The shortage of nurses in the United States is projected to dramatically increase, as the need for registered nurses in the health care system and facilities grows. This shortage can be attributed to the increase in patients, as well as the demand for more registered nurses.

With approximately 50% of the workforce aged 50 years old and above, it is estimated that at least 70,000 registered nurses are retiring every year (at least one million by the year 2030). Health care facilities, as well as government health agencies, are looking for methods to bridge the gap in experience between new graduates and the big portion of professional nurses that will be retiring soon.

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International registered nurses in the United States

For more than 70 years, health care professionals from other countries have served the United States health care system. These professionals come to the country legally to help overcome shortages in health care workers and accept positions in clinical settings and geographic location settings that are very difficult to fill with workers born from the United States.

International registered nurse staffing is starting to be the new choice for a lot of innovative healthcare systems and facilities. According to experts, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for professional nurses. Hospitals in every state are starting to experience the stress of caring for a lot of patients with limited human resources.

The ENSRA or Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act serves as a relief for hospitals by the flow of qualified professional nurses available. Under the act, all applicants need be properly cleared by a visa screening process specially designed to screen medical professionals.

Nurses from other countries need to pass an English proficiency examination, have their training evaluated to make sure that they are comparable to an identical United States education, as well as pass the United States Nursing Licensure Examination, also known as the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX.

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How do Nurse Staffing Firms work?

This type of business is a solution for a lot of nurse managers and hospital leaders who are looking to build an expert core staff, at the same time minimizing disruption and turnover. These firms sponsor and process the immigration and licensure needs of their professionals who want to immigrate from their country of origin.

Depending on the specialty of their services, the service provider can take anywhere from one to six months – for a professional to start at their assigned healthcare facility once they sign the contract. The agency then assigns a registered nurse to the medical facility.

They will match the skills of professionals to the needs of the facility and allows healthcare organizations to have total control over their selection process by providing Curriculum Vitae and resumes, profiles, as well as a selection on professionals they will interview. Job contracts can last two to five years, on average, with international nurses working under the agency’s employment. Once the deal ends, there is a big chance of full-time conversion to health care facility’s employees.

What kinds of onboarding programs are being offered?

While international registered nurses have clinical experience and training comparable to that of professionals from the United States, it can be very difficult for them to adjust to new rules and new cultural norms and customs. When considering a travel nursing agency, know what kind of training schemes are being offered to support these professionals before they start the job. Listed below are two onboarding programs being offered.

Cultural Onboarding

International registered nurses are needed to quickly adjust to cultural norms in the United States once they arrive. A great cultural onboarding schemes includes an introduction to the values and cultural attitudes of Americans. It will prepare the professionals for the phase of culture shock that they can experience working in the country. A complete cultural transition program will include helping them find housing accommodation, as well as driving lessons with a god and certified driving instructor.

Clinical Onboarding

Having an excellent innovating scheme to help bridge the gap between international clinical practice and in the United States is very important during the transitional time. It will help international professionals understand clinical differences from professionals practicing in the United States.

A complete curriculum will include online learning modules, live lectures, as well as coursework. Programs that have on-site skills laboratories and simulation training will help provide hands-on training and experience with new American practices. Some health care professionals from other countries have never cared for patients experiencing opioid addiction, which is why programs that include specialized education will help enhance overall success working in the United States.

The Bottom line

If the health care system and facility have been affected by a shortage of registered nurses, international nurse staffing can be the solution to this problem. Not all international staffing agencies include the same benefits and programs; that is why it is imperative to know all options before deciding on agencies. Make sure to ask the essential questions and chose a legitimate staffing partner to help maximize the investment towards better clinical excellence and patient outcomes.


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