Tips To Take Good Care of Your Teeth throughout Your Lifespan

Teeth are fascinating. But they are taken for granted. Though even without it, we would not be able to devour our hotdog or bite down on steak. We rarely take dental care seriously. Hence, if you are starting to feel thankful that you are not in the same predicament as grandpa, having soup all day, then these tips will come in handy.

Taking Care of Your Teeth during Childhood

Now we all have developed teeth before the time we were born, but all they were still inside the gums. During the ages of six months to three years they start appearing.

It is recommended that a child visits the dentist at an early age of two. At that time the dentist can monitor if the teeth are coming out okay and suggest proper dental care habits. Normally the first to come out would be the tooth on the front while the molars are generally last to surface.

Apart from this, teeth spacing also becomes an issue when the baby teeth would start to fall out. At this point, it might be time to get braces, start regular cleaning, regular flossing and other dental care practices. Also, sealants are highly recommended to keep the molar cavity free.

Taking Care of Your Teeth during Teenage Years

All the prior dental care habits should still be kept in check. For some children, baby teeth start to fall at these periods and make way for the permanent teeth. Carelessness can cause abnormal tooth growths or cavities on the permanent chompers.

This is also the time when the wisdom teeth start to emerge out of the gums. Most of the time they don’t grow straight and extractions might be necessary before they erupt. A visit to the dentist’s is highly recommended during this period.

Taking Care of Your Teeth during Adulthood

The enamel on our teeth is the hardest as well as the most mineralized substance in our body. Now this enamel will start breaking up and eroding when adulthood sets in. This is not an inevitable predicament that happens as we age. This is mostly due to wrong lifestyle choices and bad dental habits.

Consumption of sugary foods and drinks coupled with a negligence towards the dental health care can lead to gum disease, bone loss and discoloration or yellow teeth. And yellow teeth are something that will never be in vogue or trend.

Again, as life gets busier and dental hygiene gets pushed back on the list of priorities, sooner or later plaque will start building up and gums might show signs of periodontal disease. Your mouth will become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. And hence it will go down with the food you eat and can result in stomach or digestion related problems.

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Again, if you have habits of smoking, drinking, or tobacco chewing then it is highly important that you keep in touch with your dentist for regular throat and mouth screenings. You should also bear in mind that all the dental work done previously will start to break down and you might need to get new fillings or teeth whitening.

Taking Care of Your Teeth during Old Age

By now most people are losing their teeth. But you don’t have to. Properly taking care of your teeth up till now can increase your chances of keeping your molars for the days to come. But since you have teeth you have to take care of them also.

Now at old age, or lifestyle changes. More medications get introduced in day to day life, we change our eating habits and so on. All these can cause certain complications. Plus, we also become more at risk with mouth, throat, or tongue cancer and as such regular screening appointments should be considered. The dentist will be your friend in all these situations.

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