Things to Do Before Undergoing a Medical Exam

Any type of medical examination can be daunting for those who are not used to getting them. If you are one of many who needs to get an exam done, whether for employment or health insurance purposes, you must prepare yourself, not only your body but your mind as well. It is true that it can be intimidating to enter a doctor’s clinic and strip to your underwear, not to mention the anxiety of waiting for your lab results, but medical examinations are very important for whatever purpose they may serve. Here are some things you can do before a medical exam.

Get a good rest

It is essential to get a good night’s sleep the night before your medical exam. Sleeping for at least eight hours will lower your blood pressure.

Do not eat fatty or salty foods

These types of foods are more likely to up your triglyceride levels and elevate your blood pressure, which may manifest in your tests. Go easy on these foods, at least before your tests.

Skip the workout

This may seem like bad advice, but working out actually speeds up your heart rate, which is not a good indication in any medical exam. It will also lower your potassium levels.

Say no to caffeine

You should skip sodas, tea and coffee altogether before your scheduled tests. Doing so will lower your blood pressure.

Go on a fast

There may be some tests that require fasting for at least eight hours. But if not, you may still fast at least up to two hours before your exams so that your blood pressure is down, and your blood sugar levels are in their normal range. The best number of hours for fasting is twelve hours, so it is wise to schedule your medical exam in the morning, when you can do the fasting overnight, while you are asleep.


Drinking plenty of water harms no one, especially if you will be undergoing medical tests. You will also need to fill your bladder if your doctor requires you to submit a urine sample.

List your medications

If you are taking any drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter, list them for the medical staff. It will be easier for the doctor to record them. Letting your doctor know about your medications will also allow him to work around them if he is to prescribe any more types of meds.

Prepare your medical history

If you have had any previous medical emergencies, you must relay them to the doctor so that they will become aware of your medical history. Produce copies of test results and diagnoses if necessary. You may ask for your medical abstract from your medical practitioner.

Getting visa medicals in London or medical exams for any other purpose should not be an intimidating task. If anything, it should calm you, knowing that you will be able to understand how your health is faring, and you can take steps to make your overall health better through the recommendations of your doctor.

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