Therapeutic Benefits Of A Hot Tub, Particularly For Type 2 Diabetes


The benefits that come with using a hot tub or spa are vast. They range between anything from relief for general aches and pains to much more specific conditions such as arthritis pain or perhaps lowering the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The benefits are so varied that there can’t be many people out there who wouldn’t experience an improvement in health by using a hot tub each week, as outlined to us by Aqua Warehouse. Of course before trying out any new form of treatment it is always best to speak to your GP first to discover if any underlying issues would affect you.

There have been a number of TV programmes recently about the detrimental effect that diabetes is having on our NHS. A huge amount is spent annually on monitoring patients, issuing free prescriptions to everyone via an exemption certificate and limb amputation, not to mention the rehabilitation costs of these people, and the frustrating thing about type 2 diabetes is that it is largely caused by bad lifestyle choicesImage result for Therapeutic Benefits Of A Hot Tub, Particularly For Type 2 Diabetes. So surely it would make much more sense to tackle the underlying problem rather than treating the symptoms.

One way of doing this would be to recommend type 2 diabetes patients start to use a hot tub to gain benefits. Hot tubs have been found to help reduce blood sugar levels as well as improving blood flow around the body which can be a huge problem for many; hence the reason that injuries or infections fail to clear up. In a hot tub the warm water dilates the blood vessels which means blood flow will be improved to the extremities. It also means a reduction in blood pressure; often a problem for those who are over weight. A hot tub would also enable those people to start exercising to lose weight which can result in a reduction in required medication. These steps along with a change of diet could transform the lives of those affected.

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