The Questions You Must Ask Your Dentist about the Dental Implants

Having a good set of teeth not only enhances your confidence and self esteem, but is also important for your overall health. There are various factors that cause tooth loss. When adults lose teeth, they avoid smiling or talking because they do not want to expose the missing teeth.

Tooth loss is caused due to injury, tooth decay, failure in root canal procedures, bad oral hygiene, and eating and drinking habits. When you do not take proper care of the oral hygiene of your teeth, it can break down the enamel of the teeth. A professional check up regularly can help identify any dental and underlying health problems.

Timely treatment required to prevent tooth loss

When you get a regular clean up from a professional dentist, you can be assured of a better dental health. If you experience tooth ache and any other dental problems, you can consult a good dentist about the ailment. X-rays and scans are provided to identify the root cause of the dental problem.


These analyses also provide the basis to know if implants can be placed or not. Ridges are needed to be modified or not. During examination, the teeth, gums and bones are examined to determine if the implants are the best solution to be implemented.

Make of dental implants

  • They are made from various materials like titanium, porcelain, etc.
  • Every manufacturer uses different material to create implants.
  • Most of the implants come with a small screw that holds the teeth.
  • These are implants that restore the functions of the tooth.
  • When fitted with implants, it looks just like the natural teeth.
  • Most of the implants last for a lifetime.
  • Initially an implant is placed and then the crown is fitted before placing the permanent implant.
  • Recovery after a dental implant is immediate and you do not have to take leave from your work.
  • Right after the implant, patients can resume normal life.
  • Oral hygiene must be taken with extra care for a few days post the implants.
  • The discomfort experienced is only minimal and can be sorted with medication.
  • You can clean the dental implants, the way you clean natural teeth.

Get dental implants if you are unwilling to wear dentures

Those who do not want to wear dentures can get dental implants. The jawbone must be fully grown and the bone tissue must not be defective. The implants are infused into the bones and stay there for a lifetime.


Dentures and bridgeworks are likely to cause damage in the long run. A dental implant is free from any side effect. The Dr St-Onge implant dentaire is a reliable brand for dental implant.


Dental implants are a good choice to go for in case of missing teeth. They work better than dentures and show no discomfort.

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