Stem Cell Treatment for Joints

The cells form the building blocks of each and every organ that constitute the formation of a body, but these cells are continuously formed and damaged from time to time. When the rate of growth of cells becomes less than the growth of degeneration of cells, it results in the damage of various operations and utilities that are essential for the body. The most common type of ailment that is being experienced by a majority of people is frequent pain in their joints. While there are several ointments as well as medicines already available in the market that provide relief to this joint pain, the relief is only short term.

If you are looking for a solution to the problems occurring in joints, then you should try the stem cell injection therapy. The stem cells have been widely used for the successful treatment of several patients dealing with many sorts of disorders and difficulties. The stem cells are generated from the bone marrow and then injected back to the body at specific areas that are either damaged or where there is some requirement for stem cells.


The best part about undergoing a stem cell injection therapy is that it happens in a single day and is not very time consuming. It is a much better alternative as compared to a replacement of a joint, which is much more inconvenient and painful. The patient can restore his or her routine activities after the stem cells injection therapy unlike the case of surgery where complete bed rest is required. The entire process of injection therapy of stem cells is quite safe and there is no potential risk of having blood clots or infection.

In case of joints treatment, the stem cells are collected from the bone marrow of the patient itself. After it is collected, it is kept in the reserve in the lab and then concentrated. After it is of the desired concentration, it is injected in the joint area. Thus, in this way, the damaged bone, tendon or ligament or whatever was causing the problem is healed and the repairing process is initiated.

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